Central Cave or Crystal Paradise

Catbalogan City, Samar

Central Cave is known as Crystal Paradise located 8 kilometers away from Catbalogan City, Samar. It was discovered and surveyed in May 2014 by Joni Abesamis Bonifacio of Trexplore and Elezar Labtic of Huplag Speleologists. At 400 meters in length, Central Cave is not as large as other caves in Samar. But this is a cave of immense beauty, confirming the old adage that size doesn't always matter.

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  • The Crystal Paradise Central Cave Samar

    Exploring Central Cave in Samar made me feel like an action star. There's just something so innately bad-ass about descending 18 meters or 60 feet down a hole in the ground into a cavern below with ropes anchored on tree trunks. One moment you're on solid ground, the next you're just hanging there lowering yourself inch by inch to the rocky surface below. You look up and a ray of light shines from the ground above.

    Standing alone in the cave looking up was a surreal moment. This is the closest I've felt to being a character in a video game, entering a secret dungeon for the first time. And ...

  • Central Cave A Crystal Kingdom Where Time Stands Still

    Beneath the frontier island paradise of Samar is a realm of exquisite beauty. It is a fragile place where time is in suspended animation, its raw magnificence carefully preserved in glittering crystals. It is a domain of grandeur and enigmas where one can actually see the process of Mother Nature giving birth to the foundations of our planet. This is the Central Cave, an underground crystal paradise, and one of the most beautiful caves in Samar.

    Central Cave is located 8 kilometers away from Catbalogan City. It was discovered and surveyed in May 2014 by Joni Abesamis Bonifcacio of Trexplore ...

  • 20 Amazing Photos That Show Why Samar Is The Caving Capital Of The Philippines

    The Philippine archipelago is home to beautiful islands, amazing diving spots, stunning waterfalls, and friendliest people in the world. That is why millions of tourists from around the globe are flocking to the country every year. However, the Philippines doesn't only offer spectacular tourist destinations that can be reached on the ground, on top of the mountain or underwater. Our country also hides more incredible wonders of nature in the hollow places underground, the caves.

    Caves are formed by nature over hundreds or even millions of years. Hidden in the darkness of caves are stunning ...

  • Central Cave Crystal Paradise Catbalogan City Samar

    The Crystal Central Cave Catbalogan City, Samar Philippines.

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