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  • Memories Of Calbiga Langun-Gobingob Caves

    Langun – Gobingob Caves
    Calbiga, Samar

    Dubbed as the biggest cave system in the Philippines, the Calbiga Caves of Samar covers some 2,968 hectares, filled with giant columns and unique formations complex enough to be the country's largest and Southeast Asia's second.

    Calbiga Cave System is made up of 12 known caves, probably more are still undiscovered. The most popular is the stretch of Langun and Gobingob Caves that can be explored in a day.

    Along with my adventure buddies Migs and Dan, we explored Calbiga Caves last year and spent four hours inside, from Gobingob Cave to Langun ...

  • Exploring Langun Gobingob Cave

    Let me take you to the biggest cave in the Philippines the Langun Gobingob Cave located in Calbiga, Samar.

  • Langun-Gobingob Cave Calbiga Samar For Three Days And Two Nights DAY 2 And 3 Lower Langun Chamber

    Day 2: Gobingob Cave To Langun Cave

    We arrived at our base camp at around 4 am and woke up at around 9am for breakfast and breaking of the camp. That gave us only five hours of sleep before we had to hike to our next base camp which is located at the entrance of Langun Cave. Five hours of sleep and we are all bright and perky for our next four-hour hike!

    With a safety harness tied around our waist, we climbed down this deep and steep crevice. Looking down is enough to make the faint hearted admit defeat but this is also the only way to Langun Cave from ...

  • Langun-Gobingob Cave Calbiga Samar For Three Days And Two Nights Day 1 Upper Gobingob Chamber

    The last time I traveled alone for a big adventure was in my teens and as I grow older, I think I've become softer and more cautious. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that my first solo adventure as an adult is to spend three days and two nights inside a cave! I am congratulating myself right now for being a brave soul.

    The girls I met during the 14th Spelunking in Calbiga Caves 2016 event were all solo travelers! One of them, Hazel Lagos, braved the Everest Base Camp alone! I laud them for their courage and as I listened to their stories, I realized that I have so many fears inside ...

  • Langun Gobingob Cave Getting Inside The Largest Cave In The Philippines

    It's my dream to explore all the greatest places in the Philippines, including the highest mountain (Mt. Apo in Mindanao), the largest waterfall (Aliwagwag Falls in Davao Oriental), the cleanest lake (Kayangan Lake in Palawan) and the biggest cave in the country (Langun Gobingob Caves in the island of Samar).

    As a native of Samar who was born in Catbalogan City, Langun Gobingob caves in Calbiga came first as my target. So when cave master Joni Bonifacio of Trexplore the Adventures invited me to join a 1 day caving in Calbiga Caves last September 24, I did not hesitate to say YES!

    I have ...

  • Langun Gobingob Cave Into A Monster Of Epic Proportions Part 2

    Human being's notion of self-importance is a delusion. There are powers all around us that are far too massive for us to comprehend. We can feel the immensity of those powers when we face the full grandeur, the breathtaking beauty, the awesome might, the real danger, and the total indifference of Mother Nature. During our wonderful adventure inside Langun Gobingob Cave, the largest cave system in the country, we once again were privileged to experience that humbling and overwhelming feeling of awe and helplessness.

    After spending an entire night of climbing an underground mountain, we slept ...