Calbiga Cave

Calbiga, Samar

Calbiga Cave, also known as Langun Gobingob Cave, is located in Calbiga, Samar, 52 kms. from Tacloban City, the cave is 6 kilometers away from the townproper, accessible by land transport and by foot.

Calbiga Cave contains the Philippines' biggest karst formations and one of the largest in Asia, the 2,968-hectare cave system is composed of 12 caves with wide underground spaces, uni ...

que rock formations and sub-terranean watercourse.

The surface area of Calbiga Caves has a "mid-mountain" forest which is the habitat of some threatened wild species like bats, cave crickets, eyeless shell fishes.

It was first scientifically explored in 1987 by an eight- man team of Italian speleologists who believed there are still several hundreds of kilometers of galleries waiting to be explored. The karst has an estimated total surface area of 900 sg. km.

The main cave, Langun, has a chamber that could easily fit in three football fields. The two other big caves are Gobingob and Bitong Mahangin.

Calbiga Cave or Langun Gobingob Cave News

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    Langun – Gobingob Caves
    Calbiga, Samar

    Dubbed as the biggest cave system in the Philippines, the Calbiga Caves of Samar covers some 2,968 hectares, filled with giant columns and unique formations complex enough to be the country's largest and Southeast Asia's second.

    Calbiga Cave System is made up of 12 known caves, probably more are still undiscovered. The most popular is the stretch of Langun and Gobingob Caves that can be explored in a day.

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    Let me take you to the biggest cave in the Philippines the Langun Gobingob Cave located in Calbiga, Samar.

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    The last time I traveled alone for a big adventure was in my teens and as I grow older, I think I've become softer and more cautious. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that my first solo adventure as an adult is to spend three days and two nights inside a cave! I am congratulating myself right now for being a brave soul.

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