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  • Inclusion Of Mamanwa Tribe As Part Of Tourism Loop Projected To Help Baseys Tourism Industry

    The inclusion of a local tribe living along the Sohoton Cave Natural Bridge National Park as part of this town's tourist attraction is projected to boost its tourism industry.

    The Department of Tourism in the region in coordination with the Samar provincial government, included the Mamanwa tribe in its tourism program.

    The Mamanwas live in Sitio Wespal, Barangay Guirang which is one of the jump-off points for tourists visiting the Sohoton Cave Natural Bridge National Park, considered the main tourism attraction of Basey.

    "We are very happy that the Mamanwa tribe agreed when we asked t ...

  • The Sohoton Cave And Natural Bridge Of Basey Samar In Photos

    It was a perfect day for kayak thru the serene river lined with amazing rock and limestone formations of Sohoton Cave in Basey, Samar in the Visayas region of the Philippines. The midday sun wasn't that hot and our 1 hour ride from Tacloban City to Basey, Samar was in fact too comfortable.

    The enchanting Sohoton Cave is tucked in the mountainous area of Basey, Samar and form part of the protected Sohoton Natural Bridge Natural Park (SNBNP). The SNBNP is complete with cathedral-shaped caves that form part of a natural bridge, lush green forests, amazing rock and limestone formations, and a c ...

  • A Road Trip High Of Eastern Visayas 3 Years After Yolanda

    I was happy to enjoy some beautiful sites of Eastern Visayas at the height of the Pintados Kasadyaan festivities. Check out my adventure around Tacloban, Leyte and Samar.

    Visit the Philippines: Drive to Discover

    Department of Tourism (DOT) and Nissan Philippines Inc (NPI) joined forces to promote a program that aims to boost local tourism through road travel.

    In order to do this effectively, I was invited to conduct an adventure drive around the region using Nissan vehicles Juke and X-Trail.

    I was excited to be part of the group's latest trip in Region 8. It was a perfect time to ...

  • Tourism Helps Create Jobs In Basey Samar

    The Spark Samar tourism event was estimated to have brought an almost 400 percent jump in tourist arrivals in the town of Basey, Samar Province last year.

    The Basey Tourism Office reported 860 tourist arrivals in 2014, but in 2015, this increased to 3,259 in 2015.

    The Sohoton Cave tourist spot alone yielded PhP397,275.

    The cave counts among the most visited tourist destinations here because it is described by visitors as "being a tourist-friendly cave."

    The tourism office, headed by Evangelina Odal-Ritaga, is expecting that revenue this year to exceed a million pesos judging from t ...

  • Ancient Town In Samar Gears Up For Its 415th Grand Fiesta

    This ancient agricultural town located in Western Samar which own the distinction of having weaved the world's longest mat and world-class Soho ton Caves is now gearing up for a colorful euphoric town fiesta this coming September 2006.

    This year's town fiesta has a theme: "Buhat, Pakigsaro, Harayo pa an lalakton".

    This year's Executive Committee told this writer that a lot of ecstatic activities, daily and nightly, had been lined up starting as early as September 19 in connection to the 415th year of consecration of Basey to its patron Saint Michael the Archangel and its 104th Annual Tow ...

  • Basey Banigan-Kawayan Festival Grand Champion Sept 28 2011 Part 3

    Banigan-Kawayan Festival Grand Champion, San Antonio NHS, Basey, Samar.