Almagro Island

Almagro, Samar

Almagro is located in the province of Samar, Philippines with a population of roughly 11,000.

The most famous dance in Almagro is Kuratsa, because of the influence of the Spaniards that controlled the municipality for 330 years. They held their occasions on the newly constructed Covered Court in Brgy. Poblacion.

Their Fiestas and Charter Days are the days where many ...

people would come to Almagro to witness different activities held on the island. People in Almagro are often seen wearing sando because of the hot weather and the sea breeze on the island.

The only one means of access to Almagro is by motorboat from the port of Calbayog City, taking usually up to 2 hours of travel.  Wiki

Almagro Island News

  • Caves found in Patagonia may unlock secrets of how continents formed

    Caves found in Patagonia may unlock secrets of how continents formed

    Chilean and French scientists have discovered a network of underground caves on a remote island in Patagonia that could provide valuable clues as to how continents were formed.

    The group found the system of around 20 limestone caves this week during a research trip to Diego de Almagro island off the far southwest coast of Chile.

    Scientists had to abseil and scubadive to get into the caves, some of which are around 50 meters deep (165 feet). They found wall paintings and bone fragments left by the indigenous Kawesqar people that could help date the caves.

    "You can make models of are ...

  • Exotic Island Dive Resort Kerikite Almagro Samar

    Exotic Island Dive Resort Kerikite Almagro Samar

    Surprised Me too! You and I thought this fine resort is only at Malapascua Island, right! Known for the many thresher shark dives, right!

    Well, I just discovered, they're already on Kerikite Island ??" though actually, still in the making! But I had the opportunity to visit it anyway, thanks to the jolly Barangay Captain of Kerikite and the few Exotic Resort staff who are already there.

    The grounds are still mostly in a state of being 'landscaped' and there is just one real cottage nestled on a hill overlooking the beach. Fantastic views from up there! Other structures are also in the ma ...

  • Pride of Almagro Island

    The Beauty of Almagro Island

  • Almagro Island Samar

    Vacation at Island of Almagro.

  • Almagro Island

    Almagro Island

    History of Almagro Island, Western Samar

    During the early times, the first inhabitants of the island of Almagro called this island "Guang", which means matured bananas for the place was covered with banana plants. Several years later, a strong typhoon decimated the banana plants and the place was overrun by fast ??" growing talahib. The inhabitants then called the island Talahib.

    In the mid ??" 18th century, the country was struck by a long drought. This drought was felt not only in Mindanao but throughout the Visayas. Severely hit were the provinces of Samar, Masbate, Cebu and Leyte. To ...

  • Shoreline of Almagro Island Philippines

    Primitive homes on the coast of Almagro island Western Samar