Tiamban Beach Clam Sanctuary

Romblon, Romblon

Tiamban Beach Giant Clam Sanctuary is located in Lonos, Romblon in a protected bay next to Tiamban Beach, this dive site consists of a sandy bottom with lots of giant clams.

Tiamban Beach Giant Clam Sanctuary News

  • A Beach Named Bonbon

    A Beach Named Bonbon

    We first set foot on this white sand beach at the end of our island-hopping tour, on our second day in Romblon. We had spent an inordinate amount of time at our third island destination leaving us only several minutes to explore beautiful Bonbon Beach before we had to return to Romblon town. Our boat hurriedly docked in the middle of Bonbon's long, curving sandbar and we lost no time in exploring the beach, by now beginning to get awash in the golden rays of a sun lazily dropping down into the distant horizon.

    Bonbon Beach consists of two sides of a triangular peninsula jutting out westward ...

  • Tiamban Beach Bumming Paradise

    Tiamban Beach Bumming Paradise

    We hadn't planned going to this beach this early, having just arrived at Romblon town at 6 AM. Our initial plan was to catch up on sleep in the morning, then head for Talipasak Beach in the afternoon. We would then visit three other beaches including Tiamban Beach, on the following day. But a sudden brownout before 9AM changed our plans. It was unbearably hot in the hotel and with the multitude of beaches nearby we'd be fools not to cool off at these, so off to Talipasak we went.

    After lunch and with our stay at Talipasak Beach over, we didn't relish the idea of going back to our hotel in t ...

  • Romblon Town Island Escape

    Romblon Town Island Escape

    It's a Gloomy Day in Romblon. Cheryl and I quicken our pace as large clouds begin to gather in the sky. Up to now, the sky has been gray but calm, though it's quickly changing. The rain first lightly taps on the roofs of the houses and then becomes a steady pitter-patter as the clouds spit out their beads of water.

    That my friend Cheryl and I find ourselves here in Romblon Town in the middle of the rainy season looking for a hotel ??" any hotel ??" sounds like a strange, if not an outright bad, idea. It was I who conceived of this plan. I just quit my job and am about to start a new one, wh ...

  • Tiamban Beach In Romblon Gopro 4 Silver Edition

    Just sharing this video taken from 1 of the beautiful beaches in Romblon.

    Using Gopro Hero 4 Silver Edition
    Background music : Something Good by Alt-J

    1-poor 5-best

    Accessibility:5 (just 5-10mins ride from town proper)
    Affordability: 5 (entrance is cheap)
    Food:3 (few choices, bring your food cooked from town proper)
    Amenities: 3.5 (Hotel check in would be in town proper [5-10mis away] so if you want to spend the night in the beach you may want to bring your tent)

    Crowd: 5
    Sand: 4.5

  • Seven Spectacular Romblon Dive Sites From Blue Hole To The Giant Clam Sanctuary

    Seven Spectacular Romblon Dive Sites From Blue Hole To The Giant Clam Sanctuary

    Romblon Island is just one of the twenty Sibuyan Sea islands that make up the Philippines' Romblon Province. Surrounded by deep, clear channels where manta ray and whale shark sightings are frequent, the area is 187 nautical miles south of Manila and is virtually untouched, offering exceptional diving for all levels, thanks to sheltered bays and inlets where marine life abounds. There are more than twenty named dive sites around Romblon ??" here are just seven of the best.

    Blue Hole - Romblon Dive Sites

    The only Blue Hole discovered in the Philippines to date, this site begins along a ...

  • Dive Sites At Romblon Island

    Dive Sites At Romblon Island

    Around Romblon Island you find various dive sites: walls, cliffs, soft coral spots, muck dive sites for macro fans, giant gorgonias, marine sanctuaries, underwater canyons and much more. Our most famous spots are the canyon landscape of Agpanabat, giant fan corals at Magnificat, swarmfish dive site in Agnay, muck and macro diving in Lunas and our house reef with Mandarinfish, Marble shrimps, Spanish dancers, rare tiger shrimps and much more.

    Dive sites in Romblon Island ??" Our House Reef

    Our house reef can be entered directly from the beach of the Three P Holiday & Dive Resort. This div ...