Tablas Island

Odiongan, Romblon

Tablas is the largest of the islands that comprise the province of Romblon in the Philippines. The name of the island was of Spanish origin. Before the colonialization of the Philippines, Tablas was known as the Island of Osigan. At the time of contact with Westerners, Osigan had a population of two hundred and fifty people living in small villages. Wax was produced in this island.


A wooded central range of hills traverses the length of Tablas. The west coast is formed by the western slope of the central mountain ridge, which is narrow and well defined. The summits in the middle of the island are 1,600 to 2,000 feet high.

The southern part of Tablas is a group of many sharp conical hills, all bare and grassy except Malbug Hill, 276 m high, and Calaton Point, 255 m high, on the east coast, which are dark and wooded. The shore line is largely mangrove, with many beaches of coral sand and some limestone cliffs. The shore reef is continuous except off Guinauayan Point.  Wiki

Tablas Island News

  • Romblon Tablas Point

    Romblon Tablas Point

    Finally, I was welcomed by this lovely point tucked between the beach, fields, a hill, and a lake. Located at Agmanic, Sta. Fe in Tablas Island where one could find pristine beach with vibrant blue waters. They offer a more adventurous kind of accommodation composed of spacious cabins and tents of two types: Queen and King Safari.

  • Romblon Adventure: Island Hopping From Tablas Island

    More of my Romblon adventures! Visited Lapus-lapus, Tinagong Dagat (yes, from the Journey Era vlogs), and Aurelio Point! Drove to CALATRAVA Port, got on a boat, and went on an adventure! The PH is beautiful!

  • The Philippines - Discovering Romblons Islands

    We explored the stunning region of Romblon, which is not as frequently visited by foreign travellers.

    The islands we explored:
    -Tablas Island
    -Sibuyan Island
    -Cresta de Gallo Island
    -Carabao Island
    -Romblon, Romblon Island

  • Philippines Secret Island Getaway - Undiscovered Tablas Island Romblon

    Tablas is the Philippines secret island getaway, still undiscovered by tourists! We explored the undiscovered tablas island in Romblon, Philippines it blew our minds. This is a MUST WATCH Philippines vlog!

    Tablas is one of the Philippines secret places just waiting to be discovered. With only a few google articles and Philippines youtube videos to guide us, we left Boracay to discover tablas. What we found was the most incredible Philippines sunset and a gorgeous private beach to match. We flew our drone over island to capture some amazing drone shots that will stay in our memories (and on ...

  • Diving At The Blue Hole On Tablas Island Romblon

    Diving At The Blue Hole On Tablas Island Romblon

    Before arriving in the Romblon region, I had heard a rumor about a blue hole. There wasnt much written about it online so it remained a bit of a mystery. I found it it was in the north and could be accessed via a Calatrava Island hopping expedition with Deo's Adventures. We spent the day exploring all over Calatrava but the Blue Hole was the highlight of the day.

  • The Weekly 93: Tablas Island In Romblon Philippines

    The Weekly 93: Tablas Island In Romblon Philippines

    Last week the media trip with the tourism board of The Philippines ended in Bicol. I had decided to stay in the Philippines for another 3 weeks. But where to explore. Having already visited the main tourist hotspots on my initial backpacking trip to the Philippines, I opened up the map and looked at my options.