San Pedro Fish Sanctuary

Romblon, Romblon

San Pedro Turtle Fish Sanctuary is located in San Pedro, Ginablan, Romblon. The wall at the San Pedro Sanctuary is known for its large sea turtles. It is also a habitat of sea snakes, Eagle rays and swarm fish. The sanctuary is not only suitable for scuba diving but also for snorkeling.

San Pedro Turtle Fish Sanctuary News

  • San Pedro Beach Resort Romblon Philippines

    Adventure and Snorkeling San Pedro Beach Reasort Philippines.

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  • Dive Sites At Romblon Island

    Dive Sites At Romblon Island

    Around Romblon Island you find various dive sites: walls, cliffs, soft coral spots, muck dive sites for macro fans, giant gorgonias, marine sanctuaries, underwater canyons and much more. Our most famous spots are the canyon landscape of Agpanabat, giant fan corals at Magnificat, swarmfish dive site in Agnay, muck and macro diving in Lunas and our house reef with Mandarinfish, Marble shrimps, Spanish dancers, rare tiger shrimps and much more.

    Dive sites in Romblon Island ??" Our House Reef

    Our house reef can be entered directly from the beach of the Three P Holiday & Dive Resort. This div ...

  • San Pedro Beach Explore Romblon Province

    San Pedro Beach Explore Romblon Province

    San Pedro Beach is a quiet, private stretch of beach on Romblon Island. It's far from town and down a string of back-roads, so you'll certainly feel like you're escaping it all.

    The beach itself is protected on both sides by vegetated rocky outcrops and the only access point is via the quaint San Pedro Beach Resort.

    There are numerous hammocks for relaxing; a small restaurant which serves breakfast, lunch, fruit shakes, and beer; and a nice variety of both indoor and outdoor seating area great for any size barkada.

    A protected section of reef provides some pretty good snorkeling but ...

  • Travel Guide Romblon Island

    Travel Guide Romblon Island

    A cluster of 20 islands and islets, of 17 municipalities and 17 dialects is the province of Romblon, the marble capital of the country. Its capital town, also named Romblon in the island of the same name is the heart of the province, geographically and politically.

    This island capital is situated in between the bigger islands of Sibuyan and Tablas. Sibuyan Island is known for its white sand beaches and for Mt. Guiting-Guiting, a favorite trek for mountaineers, while Tablas Island also harbors great beaches apart from being the gateway to the province by air.

    But Romblon Island beckons ev ...

  • The Romblon Circle Tour

    Another super-long day. I was up at 3:30 after an odd, fitful night of sleep; we were on the ferry by 5 or so, making sure we didn't miss it. As it happened, it didn't leave until 6:30, but getting there early ensured that we had seats. We arrived at Romblon Town an hour later after an absolute hellride - it was like riding on a very large, slow mechanical bull for an hour.

    No wonder smaller craft weren't allowed out - even the ferry (not the hugest boat in the world, but certainly sizable) was rolling up and down, being pounded by every single wave. Eventually we moved into Romblon's ...