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  • The Mablaran Falls Of San Andres Romblon

    Time-lapse video of this beautiful Mablaran Falls in San Andres, Romblon.


    Took using Samsung Galaxy S7.

  • Romblon And Its Natural Attractions

    Romblon And Its Natural Attractions

    Romblon is another tourist spot in Region IV-B. There are many natural attractions that the residents are proud to have. Here are some of those natural spots in Romblon.

    Bonbon Beach (Brgy. Lonos, Romblon)

    This great expanse on the eastern shores of Romblon Island possesses fine white sand and a gradually sloping ocean floor. A small islet accessible by foot at low tide is just right across the beach. The islet has a secluded swimming area on a short stretch of fine white sand.

    Tiamban Beach (Brgy. Lonos, Romblon)

    Located due north of Bonbon Beach, this beach is covered with fine w ...

  • Romblon San Andres Mablaran Falls And A Pag-alad Falls Side Trip

    Romblon San Andres Mablaran Falls And A Pag-alad Falls Side Trip

    I asked the locals what their favorite waterfalls is on the island of Tablas, Romblon. Mablaran Falls in San Andres always seem to pop up so it got me curious. The group of teen boys I met at Garing Falls in Odiongan told me it's much easier to go there from the main road. The way is paved like a highway and people can swim at night because there are now lights. Not that I'll go there for a night swim, but I'm interested how it looks and why is it a local favorite. From Odiongan town proper, we rode our motorbike 23km to the northern region of the island for San Andres.

    Jumpy at Mablaran Fa ...

  • Mablaran Water Falls San Andres Tablas Romblon Tourist Tourism Promotions Philippines

    Mablaran water falls is a great place for family fun or adventure seekers, the water falls have several levels traversing up the trail, or through the river, it is a great adventure.

    Bring a picnic / food, drinks and enjoy swimming in the pools under the water falls, there is a great rope swing at the lower level fall, and a deep swimming area, bring some bread or food to feed the fish, that's a fun experience with many fish in the pool.

    Mablaran Falls is located about 45 mins from the main town of Odiongan, ask any local where the falls are when you reach San Andres, as the sign is hard ...