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Romblon, Romblon

Romblon is one of the three major islands of the Romblon Province in the Philippines; the other two are Sibuyan Island and Tablas Island. The island is part of the seat of government for the Romblon province, also named Romblon municipality.

The province of Romblon has a mainly agricultural economy with copra farming, fishing, and rice farming as the chief agricultural activities. T ...

he fertile soil nurtures various agricultural crops like coconut, rice, corn, bananas, raffia palm, root crops, fruit trees, and many others. Its abundant fishing grounds supplies fish to various distribution centers in Batangas and Quezon province. The capital town of Romblon and the port town of Odiongan are the province's trade and commercial centers.

In recent years, tourism has also become a viable source of income for the province with its pristine beaches and crystal clear waters. Dive resorts such as in Concepcion and Cresta del Gallo have attracted local and foreign tourists alike. Carabao Island is also being eyed by its local government as the next Boracay, a popular vacation destination in Aklan province, which is only a few nautical miles from the island.

Romblon Island News

  • Romblon - My Home

    Left this Island 2009 to move to the U.S. We went back 2015 of May, but I always found the month of December and January to be the must fun because of the events. Christmas, New Year, and Fiesta. I haven't experienced Christmas and New Year in the Philippines for almost 10 years and I have always planned to go back at those times. Although some don't suggest going during those month because of the weather. I had fun and It has been hard to adjust when I got back.

  • Romblons Sea Turtle Hatchery Receives Solar-powered Facility

    Romblons Sea Turtle Hatchery Receives Solar-powered Facility

    Romblon's sea turtle (pawikan) hatchery in Barangay Bunsuran, Ferrol town, recently received a solar-powered modular facility that will be the powerhouse of Bantay Dagat enforcers who protect the marine territory and the wildlife.

    It was given to the hatchery by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) in MIMAROPA in cooperation with the local government unit of Ferrol, Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and Romblon Provincial Tourism Office.

    The solar-powered modular facility will also be used by Bantay Dagat to safeguard the marine protected area (MPA) of Sit ...

  • 8 Things To Fall In Love With In Romblon, Romblon


    Sharing its name with the province, Romblon is a picturesque, rustic town that used to be a trading post during the Spanish period. Today, it serves as the largest source of marble in Asia and one of the best-kept beach and diving destinations in central Philippines.

  • Romblon Adventure 2018

    The province of Romblon is located in the Mimaropa region and comprises with three main islands of Tablas, Sibuyan, Romblon, and a number of scattered islets. It is bounded by Marinduque in the north, Panay in the south, Mindoro in the west, and Masbate in the east. Romblon is known to be the Marble capital of the Philippines.

    Places we visited:
    -Bonbon beach
    -Cobrador Island
    -Cobrador Beach
    -Takot reef
    -Takot cliff jump
    -Romblon marble store
    -Cantingas river
    -Cresta de Gallo
    - Virgin Mary of Candelaria (383 yrs. old church)


    Day 0 ( May 11 Friday )

    4pm: ETD Cuba ...

  • Romblon Philippines

    Let us take you to the "Marble Capital of the Philippines" - Romblon.

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    Romblon has been claimed as "The Best Kept Secret" according to Drew Arellano of Biyahe ni Drew, for it is the home for the best white sand beaches, diving spots, mountains and rainforests.

  • Romblon Ride: Looping The Island By Motorbike

    Romblon Ride: Looping The Island By Motorbike

    Romblon Island is the smallest of three major islands (the other two being Sibuyan and Tablas) that make up the province of the same name in the Philippines. It's known for its marble industry and is the country's leading producer and exporter of high-quality marble. Romblon is a peaceful and laid-back island, home to mostly fishing and agricultural communities who subsist on coconut and rice industries. Compared to Tablas and Sibuyan, Romblon is very compact with a circumferential road of just under 50 km. You can circle it by motorbike in just a couple of hours. I think it would make a great ...