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  • Holy Week 2014 In Sibuyan Island

    Holy Week 2014 In Sibuyan Island


    It was August of last year, when The BACKPACKERS had a climb at Mt. Pinagbanderahan wherein we had a guest mountaineering group called I.S.G. or the Integrated Solid Group, composed of Sean Roa, Mon Fajardo and Vic Del Rosario. It was a night of scary and at the same time, wacky socials that will never be forgotten. Again, they were our guest at the rainy Mt.Pico De Loro 2013 request climb. By that time, The BACKPACKERS already had a connection with them and their company.

    Come December of last year, Sean created a Facebook event entitled "Mt. Guiting Guiting Traverse". I wa ...

  • Lambingan Falls

    Lambingan Falls

    The islands of Romblon have something for everyone. I previously described the multifarious dive sites of the islands and the unspoiled beauty in its waters. It is time to discover the islands' other hidden attractions, unspoiled and undiscovered and away from the busloads of tourists that you find in more popular destinations in the country.


    The municipality of Alcantara is called the Gateway to exotic Romblon with its pebbled beaches and clear springs. The major springs are located in Camili, Calogonsao, Bonlao, San Isidro and Madalag. Isolated coves and beaches are aplenty ...

  • Lambingan Falls In Magdiwang Sibuyan Island Romblon

    Lambingan Falls In Magdiwang Sibuyan Island Romblon

    It was still almost 4 PM, when we found a tricycle on our walk from DENR Sibuyan Substation, so we decided our luck to visit Lambingan Falls before we head back to Sanctuary Garden Resort. We negotiated first on how much we would be paying the tricycle driver and once we agreed on a price (sorry I forgot, but I think it was 300 Pesos) we rode the tricycle and directly went to Lambingan Falls.

    It took us 20 minutes to get to Lambingan Falls. We were greeted by the staff of the Lambingan Falls and were told to pay the entrance fee to enter the falls.

    After paying together with out tricycle ...

  • Lambingan Falls

    Lambingan Falls

    Lambingan falls
    Barangay Silum, Magdiwang, Sibuyan Island, Romblon
    10-15 minutes trek
    July 26, 2014

    Sibuyan Island is dominated by picturesque Mount Guiting-guiting. It has a lush biodiversity withstanding of flora and fauna. Numerous rivers, streams and waterfalls are hosted by the mountain. These rivers were once proclaimed and still remain as one of the cleanest rivers in the Philippines.

    Perhaps Mt. Guiting-guiting and famous waterfalls are top destinations and attractions in the region. Lambingan is one of the several well-known falls in Sibuyan Island.

    Lambingan falls jump of ...

  • Romblon Lambingan Falls

    Romblon Lambingan Falls

    After arriving too late in the day at Sibuyan Island to launch our attempt on Mt Guiting-Guiting, we decided to spend the afternoon cooling off at Lambingan Falls. It is unusual to have some rest and recreation before the hard work but the unexpected glitch on our schedule left us with a lot of free time that day. A side trip to Boracay after the ascent to Mt Guiting Guiting was originally planned during the pre-climb meeting. It is easily accessible from Romblon in just a few hours boat ride. But with just an afternoon to while away, it was the nearby falls in Magdiwang that washed away our d ...