Maestro de Campo Island

Concepcion, Romblon

Maestro de Campo Island, also known as Sibale to its inhabitants, is the westernmost island of Romblon and only 20 kilometres off the coast from Mindoro. The island is mountainous with steep shores. Its settlements are dispersed along the coast with the poblacion on the south shore.

The island's interior is jagged and forested, with caves, clear rivers, unique rock formations, and ...

hills that offer breathtaking views. Every village has its own cove and wholesome white sand beaches ideal for swimming and scuba diving.

Maestro de Campo Island or Sibale Island News

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  • Sibale Island Trip 2016

    Sibale Island also known as Maestro de Campo Island trip 2016 located in Concepcion, Romblon.

  • Explorer Tourism Excels In Maestre De Campo Sibale

    Explorer Tourism Excels In Maestre De Campo Sibale

    Beyond eons of time recorded, Maestre De Campo (also widely known as Sibale) was formed from the heart of the Earth in a prolonged volcanic eruption that punctured forever the surface of the Sibuyan Sea. The volcano island spewed millions of tons of lava, ash and rocks skyward, that fell back to the ocean floor to create one of the most intriguingly beautiful islands at the very centre of the archipelago that is known today as The Philippines.

    As time passed, seeds blown on the wind added shrubs & trees that bats augmented with their pollination and fertilized seed dispersal. Coral larva, d ...

  • Concepcion


    Unspoiled, exotic and bewitching. These are some remarkable characteristics of Concepcion. There are mountains to conquer, seas to explore and beaches to enjoy for those who seeks adventure, repose and diversion.
    The Islands is known to the following names:

    Maestre de Campo or Martin Goite's Master of Camp where Gen. Miguel Lopez de Legaspi sought his asylum when trapped by a stormy weather while on his way to Manila. Sibale, a misinformation gathered by a Spanish soldier after asking an appropriate cognizant of the natural beauty of the place that attracted both local and foreign tourist. ...

  • Maestre de Campo Romblon

    Maestre de Campo Romblon

    Enthralling Island of Sibale, also called Maestré de Campo Island

    It's one of the small islands north of Tablas. It's a rugged mountainous island with steep shores. Coconut trees dominate the vegetation, with patches of other tropical trees here and there. The beaches are varied from fine white sand, to grainy yellowish pebbles, to rough rocky terrain. Depending on which side of the island you visit. Most are ideal for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. And the scenic panorama is so breathtaking you have to be blind not to take photographs.

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