Looc Bay Marine Sanctuary

Romblon, Romblon

The Looc Bay Marine Refuge and Sanctuary, a protected marine area in the middle of Looc Bay. Established in 1999, it houses 100 different marine species, including four different species of giant clams, octopus, eels, reef fishes, and marine turtles.

Looc Bay Marine Refuge and Sanctuary News

  • Escape To Looc Sanctuary

    Escape To Looc Sanctuary

    I've been there once but I was too young to remember such experience. So luckily, I am able to revisit this place recently.

    Looc is a small town in the Province of Romblon, a few kilometers away from my hometown. The Looc Fish Sanctuary is one of their leading tourist destinations. It is just a walking distance from the local market.

    We arrived in Looc the night before through motorcycle. In the morning, we headed to our point of destination. It is locally known as Parola. When we got there in Parola, we headed to Bantay Dagat Building to pay the fee and enlist our names, age and gender. ...

  • The Best Summer Spots For The Spontaneous

    The Best Summer Spots For The Spontaneous

    Everyone loves summer. Unlike any other season, it brings out the spontaneous side of people. Maybe it's how everything gleams in sunshine??"as if the sun is actually teasing us to go out; or maybe it's the warm weather giving us all the happy feels. For whatever reason, during summer, everyone wants to break loose and look for adventure: Going on a road trip to Tagaytay just because they felt like it, hitting the beach to get away from the city, or even booking last-minute plane tickets to anywhere in the world. If you're one of these super spontaneous souls, READ ON because we want you to ge ...

  • Romblon Trip Part 2 Bosay And Looc Santuary October 27 To November 1 2016

    Romblon Trip Part 2 Bosay And Looc Santuary October 27 To November 1 2016

    Tuburan Falls ("Bosay")

    Our first destination was a falls located in the innermost part of Brgy Tuburan, Odiongan. Locals are calling this place as "Bosay", which means falls in their dialect. The waterfall is an easy 30 to 45 minutes walks from the jump-off (the first stream) in a 1-3 trail class. There are series of stream crossings (around 5) and few rocks climbing (near the basin).

    The waterfall has several layers and some of its portions are deep. At the top of the first layer, there is a hidden basin. The place is not yet crowded. During our visit, we did not encounter other ...

  • Awesome Romblon Awesome Guide To Tablas Island Itinerary

    Awesome Romblon Awesome Guide To Tablas Island Itinerary

    Tablas: our first stop in our Awesome Romblon adventure! Romblon is composed of three major islands that one must visit--Romblon Town, Tablas Island, and Sibuyan Island.

    Famed for being the Marble Capital of the Philippines, the province's marble is comparable to the world's best. Trade plays a big role in Romblon's economy by virtue of its location at the center of the archipelago.

    The islands are blessed with natural beauty such as beaches, rivers, mountains, and diverse eco-systems, which offer tourists many opportunities for adventures like scuba, trekking, and snorkeling.

    Here's ...

  • Looc Fish Sanctuary Tablas Island Romblon Backpacking The Philippines Day 4

    The award winning Looc bay marine refuge and sanctuary was established in 1999. The Sanctuary is home to over 100 different marine ..

  • Romblon Green Paradise In A Shimmering Blue Sea

    Romblon Green Paradise In A Shimmering Blue Sea

    From the air, the island of Romblon is a mass of unspoiled forest folded in hillocks and set in a shimmering sea, beckoning you to rest and relax in its cool cradle of green and turquoise.

    Those craving the frenetic activity of the night won't find it here. Romblon is quiet, so quiet you can hear your heart beat. You can listen to your breath flow in and out your body. You can hear whispers of your inmost self.

    Getting there and where to stay

    Philippine Airlines flies to and from the island cluster of Romblon only three times a week ??" Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday ??" so plan your s ...