Dagubdob Falls

San Fernando, Romblon

The Dagubdob Falls are one of the most popular destinations between San Fernando and Espana on beautiful Sibuyan island province of Romblon. The environment of the Dagubdob waterfall consists of several natural pools that spread over 3 levels. The entire area has also protected plants as so-called pitcher plant (nepenthes sibuyanensis) as well as some wild orchids.

Dagubdob Falls News

  • 4 Epic Waterfalls On Sibuyan Island, Romblon

    4 Epic Waterfalls On Sibuyan Island, Romblon

    Sibuyan is one of the beautiful islands in the Romblon Province. It is trekking hotspot with the famous Mt Guiting Guiting attempted by many Filipinos and foreigners throughout the season. However, it is also home to some of the best waterfalls in the region. We managed to visit four of the best on either end of our trekking expedition up Mt. Guiting Guiting. These are four of the most epic waterfalls on Sibuyan Island, Romblon.

  • The One With Dagubdob Falls - Romblon

    This is not your average waterfalls... its not imposing, its neither big nor tall but its size is its own unique charm. Maybe the trail and hike going to the falls, the majestic backdrop of the Sibuyan Mountain, the serenity you feel as you walk along its well groomed pathways with orange soil makes it a totally refreshing escape almost like traveling and exploring some place sacred and holy.

    It was a cloudy morning and drizzling when we went there but in my opinion, it gives it more character and makes the journey mystifying.

    You just have to see it and feel it for yourself.

  • The Secluded Sibuyan Island

    The Secluded Sibuyan Island

    I admit that before May of 2014, I had never heard of Sibuyan Island. In case you, too, are wondering where it is, it is one of the three major islands in the province of Romblon, along with Tablas and Romblon Islands.

    I only learned of it when I was invited as a volunteer to join the team of ABS-CBN Foundation's Bantay Kalikasan in the "Journey to the Heart of the Philippines."

    As their eco-tourism project, they work with local communities in coming up with fun, educational activities for travelers to advocate the protection of natural resources found in the locality.

    Getting to Sibu ...

  • When In Romblon

    Exploring Sibuyan Island, Romblon.

    - Cresta De Gallo Island
    - Dagubdob Falls
    - Lambingan Falls
    - Cantingas River Resort

  • 9 Breathtaking Experiences In Sibuyan Island

    9 Breathtaking Experiences In Sibuyan Island

    Did you know that Sibuyan Island in Romblon province has remained in relative isolation from the rest of the world since its formation?

    1) A Lush & Warm Welcome

    Mangroves welcome visitors arriving in Sibuyan Island. Regular ferry rides to Sibuyan are available in Romblon Island if you're taking 2GO's Manila-Romblon boat trip. 2GO also offers trips from Batangas City to Sibuyan via Odiongan in Tablas Island.

    Aside from the mangroves, you also have the occasional welcome party from Sibuyan's local revelers.

    2) Lambingan Falls

    Lambingan Falls is about 30 minutes away from the town ...

  • Dagubdob Picnic Grove In San Fernando Sibuyan Island Romblon

    Dagubdob Picnic Grove In San Fernando Sibuyan Island Romblon

    After our failed attempt to visit Busay Falls due to the strong rain that threatened our path with floods, and a very short trip to Cantingas River Resort we were on the Visitor Information Center of Dagubdob Picnic Grove in Baranggay España. This was the last destination of our tricycle tour from the municipality of San Fernando in Sibuyan Island, Romblon.

    From the town proper of San Fernando, people highly recommended this place to us. That's why I had high expectations when we visited.

    We paid the entrance fee (20 Pesos/person) and rode our tricycle again to the site proper of Dagu ...