Cobrador Island

Romblon, Romblon

Cobrador Island is located in the municipality of Romblon, Romblon. It is an island that has fine white sand, crushed corals and crystal clear waters. Cobrador Island is also the jump off point to some of the most beautiful dive sites in Romblon.

Cobrador Island News

  • Romblon Ride: Island-Hopping Cobrador, Alad And Logbon

    Romblon Ride: Island-Hopping Cobrador, Alad And Logbon

    When you think of beach destinations in the country, the most popular islands that immediately come to mind are Boracay, Cebu and Bohol. But aside from these three spots, there are many other hidden gems that remain (and I hope will remain) untainted by commercialism. I was amazed to find some of the most stunning beaches I've ever seen in the country in Romblon, a province made up of a cluster of islands lying in between Luzon and Visayas.

  • The Bluest Water In The Philippines, Romblon

    Welcome to the INSANELY blue water right off the coast of Romblon Philippines. We visited Cobrador Island and few other islands nearby.

  • Natural Beauty In Marble Country

    Natural Beauty In Marble Country

    One thing visitors to Romblon province must prepare for are the difficult goodbyes. Leaving the island is like parting with a newfound love but keeping fingers crossed for second chances.

    No wonder people like Marzio Guidi, a 53-year-old Italian, chose to live and open his pizza store, Jd & G., near the Romblon port. For two years now, his tiny ristorante has been selling homemade pizza and gelato served on marble tabletops.

    Marble has been the provinces top product from way back 19th century. Artisans work along the road in Barangay Kilometro Dos in the capital Romblon, sculpting figure ...

  • Discovering Romblon

    Discovering Romblon

    In Romblon, life is startlingly simple. Theres no traffic, no pollution, minimal crimes, and no Internet (sometimes 3G signal is bad too). Its natures way of telling you to take a break and see the beautiful sceneries, experience its beautiful beaches, and taste the well-loved cuisine.

    Compared to its neighboring island, Boracay, Romblon is a quiet and peaceful province found at the heart of the Philippine archipelago. When you go to Romblon, unlike in Boracay, where there is a festive mood and a lot of partying going on especially at night, in Romblon you are going to have quiet and soul- ...

  • Cobrador And Alad Islands Hopping Around Romblon

    Cobrador And Alad Islands Hopping Around Romblon

    It was one of those things we had dreaded on a long trip and it happened on the morning we were set to go on an island-hopping tour at Romblon Island. Leo felt a stabbing pain on his lower back on our way out of the Parc Bay Mansion. Fortunately though it wasn't as bad as we first thought and he was able to manage his condition as we boarded our boat towards the group of three islands lying off the western coast of Romblon Island. And fortunately so because it was a beautiful, sunny day.

  • Romblons Cobrador Island Gets 24 Hour Power From New Hybrid Solar Diesel System

    Romblons Cobrador Island Gets 24 Hour Power From New Hybrid Solar Diesel System

    An Asian Development Bank (ADB) supported solar diesel hybrid power generation system today began providing round the clock electricity for the first time to all 244 households on the island of Cobrador in Romblon province in the central Philippines.

    The pilot project shows how clean, renewable energy can be tapped to upgrade existing local electricity systems to meet the needs of the many remote and energy deficient communities in the Philippines and beyond.

    "Just yesterday, the electricity supply was constrained to only a few hours a day due to the limitations of the diesel generation ...