Carabao Island

San Jose, Romblon

Carabao Island, otherwise known as Hambil Island, is the southernmost island of Romblon province. San Jose or formerly known as 'Hambil' in old manuscripts and later as 'Isla de Carabao' appeared in various rare Philippine maps of 1734 as 'Isla Carabaos', in 1785 as 'Isla Carabao' in 1861 as 'Isla de Carabao o Ambilo' and finally in 1878 map showing the locations of its two barrios of Lanas and Ag ...


On the island's irregular coastline there are white sand beaches that are becoming an alternative tourist destination in the country. It is the proposed site for the planned Boracay Island International Airport, to be constructed in the vicinity of barangay Lanas.


Carabao Island or Hambil Island News

  • Carabao Island The Unexplored Paradise Of Romblon, Travel Guide

    Carabao Island The Unexplored Paradise Of Romblon, Travel Guide

    There is more than meets the eye. This hidden paradise in the southernmost part of Romblon province is a must visit place for all travelers. Carabao Island or better known to be called as Hambil to the locals in the Visayas region, is an island for everyone who wants to relax and take a break from the noise of the city.

  • Travel Guide How To Get To Carabao Island Romblon

    Travel Guide How To Get To Carabao Island Romblon

    Carabao Island or Hambil to locals, is an island paradise in the town of San Jose in the Province of Romblon. Known for its pristine and uncrowded beaches with clear turquoise waters and fine white sand that can rival that of Boracay, Carabao Island is a must-visit destination in the Province of Romblon. There are many ways on how to get to Carabao Island. To help you plan your trip to Carabao Island, here's a travel guide on how to get there.

  • Romblon PH

    Romblon PH

    It?s a pretty lazy Sunday. So I opted to go through my Facebook photos and saw this Romblon album. It brought back memories of my stolen hard drive where all of my 2005 to 2013 HD travel photos were stored. Twas one of the most heartbreaking things that happened to me.

  • The Untouched Beauty Of Romblon

    The Untouched Beauty Of Romblon

    Romblon is my home town and I am very proud that I was raised in this small archipelago. My early years was surrounded by rice field, trees, and marbles, I thought the province of Romblon is composed of such but I was wrong. When I started traveling that's the time that I discovered that my home town has a lot to offer. From the untouched beaches, unexplored caves, mountains, underwater richness and may others. This article will show you how beautiful Romblon is. Allow me to introduce to you the gorgeous tourist destinations in Romblon.

    Let's start with Cresta de Gallo (photo above) in Sib ...

  • My Visit To Carabao Island In Romblon Philippines

    Videos I took during my regular hometown visits last Sept 2015, Dec-Jan, March, June 2016.

  • Romblons Isla De Carabao The Promised Land

    Romblons Isla De Carabao The Promised Land

    I admit I knew little of Carabao Island except that, standing an hour away from Caticlan, it's a quick escape from the noise of Boracay white beach. I remember searching about it online a year before, but the photos didn't really impressed me.

    The photos I've seen apparently were not able to capture the sightly clear beach of Carabao Island or the adventure offered in Koding-Koding Point, with its underwater tunnel and cliff-jumping area.

    On the boat ride from Tabon Baybay port to Carabao Island, my curiosity was piqued by the shirt our boat captain was wearing. Underneath "Carabao Islan ...