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  • Romblon Area Declared Nesting Sites For The Endangered Sea Turtles

    Romblon Area Declared Nesting Sites For The Endangered Sea Turtles

    I am a lover of this endangered species and I have seen them nesting also in the Amoingon Coast of Marinduque. However, the locals have been pouching their eggs for food. This should not continue and I hope the local officials of Marinduque will make sure this will not happened again.

    Romblon Area Declared Nesting Sites of Endangered Hawsbill Turtles

    This as the Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau-Pawikan Conservation Project (PAWB-PCP) recently confirmed Sitio Agbaliga in Agpanabat, Romblon as a nesting site of the critically endangered hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata), in add ...

  • Dolphins at Cresta de Gallo Scuba Diving in Romblon Philippines

    Dolphins on our way to Cresta de Gallo.

  • 100 dolphins beached off Romblon

    A month after 300 melon-headed whales were stranded and rescued in Pilar, Bataan, some 100 dolphins, this time, were seen beaching themselves in shallow waters off Romblon province last March 3.

    The dolphins were immediately rescued and guided to deeper waters by Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) members and local fishermen. There were no reports of injured or dead dolphins.

    PCG on scene commander Captain Lino Paiton informed PCG commandant Vice Admiral Wilfredo Tamayo that some 100 marine mammals, initially reported to be dolphins, were found near the shore of Barangay Batiano, Odiongan Muni ...