Cajidiocan News

  • San Agustin Dive Dayundong 1

    Best dive site of Romblon province, Dayundong Pinnacles municipality of San Agustin Tablas Island.

  • Romblon Fishing Villagers Raise Alarm Over Oil Slick

    Residents of a fishing village in San Agustin, Romblon, raised an alarm over an oil slick that has affected their catch in the water close to where a tugboat ran aground on Oct. 24 at the height of Tropical Storm "Ofel."
    The tugboat PSC Matibay ran aground 20 meters from the shoreline of Barangay (village) Sugod on Tablas Island. It was towing a large barge that carried beverage bottles from Manila to Cebu.

    After the boat got stuck, fish caught from the vicinity smelled of fuel, said San Agustin Mayor Emmanuel Madrona by phone on Sunday.

    The coastline of Sugod and Carmen is a fish san ...

  • Green Groups Laud Romblon Mining Ban

    Environmental groups welcomed Romblons declaration of an indefinite moratorium on metallic mining in the province, calling the move a milestone for the provinces ecological protection and conservation.

    Romblon is a province composed of islands which are endowed with rich natural resources and biodiversity and this issuance will definitely be one of the milestones for its protection and conservation, said Alyansa Tigil Mina national coordinator Jaybee Garganera.

    Mining as we know is a disputed economic activity that not only paves way for the destruction of the islands, but also puts the ...