Bonbon Beach

Romblon, Romblon

Bonbon Beach is the most beautiful and popular beach in the island. Located in Barangay Lonos, Romblon. Bonbon is a privately owned white sandy beach on a gradually sloping seafront that stretches up to approximately two kilometers. It is linked to an uninhabited Bang-og Island by a sandbar that is submerged on a knee to chest deep water during high tide.

Bonbon Beach News

  • Bonbon Beach Sandbar Secluded Paradise At Romblon, Romblon

    Bonbon Beach Sandbar Secluded Paradise At Romblon, Romblon

    Bonbon beach is a secluded beach paradise in Romblon, Romblon. It is very famous for its long white sand beach and sandbar. Though well-known, only a few visit Bonbon beach so theres big chance youll have the beach all to yourself. So if you want to truly getaway, dropping by here is a must!

  • Bon Bon Beach Romblon Philippines

    Welcome travel fans! In this episode, we visit Bon Bon Beach, Romblon, Philippines. I will take you on a journey to this open beach with turquoise waters, white sandy shores, and a unique sandbar that leads to the nearby island named Bangog, an uninhabited island, accessible during low tide. So best plan your trip when the tide is at the lowest point which only comes maybe once a month. Hope you enjoy this video I made for all you viewers out there. I tried to make it perfect but ran out of time so I did what I could to keep the storyline as short as possible, so I had to cut out a bunch of st ...

  • Romblon Every Travelers Dream Destination

    Romblon Every Travelers Dream Destination

    Now that we've written a whole article on Sibuyan Island, the "Galapagos of Asia," we need to tell you a little more about its next-door neighbors in the province of Romblon. This small archipelago, comprised of seven islands, is a hot spot of biodiversity. From marine life to terrestrial wonders, it seems this province has it all. So in case you need even more reason to visit Romblon, here are some highlights from its two largest islands of Romblon and Tablas to fire up those itchy feet.

  • A Beach Named Bonbon

    A Beach Named Bonbon

    We first set foot on this white sand beach at the end of our island-hopping tour, on our second day in Romblon. We had spent an inordinate amount of time at our third island destination leaving us only several minutes to explore beautiful Bonbon Beach before we had to return to Romblon town. Our boat hurriedly docked in the middle of Bonbon's long, curving sandbar and we lost no time in exploring the beach, by now beginning to get awash in the golden rays of a sun lazily dropping down into the distant horizon.

    Bonbon Beach consists of two sides of a triangular peninsula jutting out westward ...

  • The Idyllic Charms Of Romblon

    The Idyllic Charms Of Romblon

    Romblon is a province that you visit to watch time flitter by. Its rustic charm and idyllic vibe are much like the slow lapping of the waves on its powdery sand beaches and the slow, controlled movements of the clouds as they turn from white to orange at sunset.

    When I visited Romblon, I was looking for exactly that kind of getaway, even just for a few days.

    Slow days

    I arrived on Tablas Island late in the afternoon, which in my experience was a bad time to arrive in the province. Since most of the public transportation has either taken or just about to take their last trip for the da ...

  • The Untouched Beauty Of Romblon

    The Untouched Beauty Of Romblon

    Romblon is my home town and I am very proud that I was raised in this small archipelago. My early years was surrounded by rice field, trees, and marbles, I thought the province of Romblon is composed of such but I was wrong. When I started traveling that's the time that I discovered that my home town has a lot to offer. From the untouched beaches, unexplored caves, mountains, underwater richness and may others. This article will show you how beautiful Romblon is. Allow me to introduce to you the gorgeous tourist destinations in Romblon.

    Let's start with Cresta de Gallo (photo above) in Sib ...