Banton News

  • Green Groups Laud Romblon Mining Ban

    Environmental groups welcomed Romblons declaration of an indefinite moratorium on metallic mining in the province, calling the move a milestone for the provinces ecological protection and conservation.

    Romblon is a province composed of islands which are endowed with rich natural resources and biodiversity and this issuance will definitely be one of the milestones for its protection and conservation, said Alyansa Tigil Mina national coordinator Jaybee Garganera.

    Mining as we know is a disputed economic activity that not only paves way for the destruction of the islands, but also puts the ...

  • Saving Pasacao As Summer Capital

    As the Philippine tourism bandwagon went full speed to portray the country as a fun place, one coastal town in Camarines Sur has been left behind.

    Blessed with long, uninterrupted seashore, a bird-watching area, a rock islet amid clear seawater, and rich coral reefs at a fish sanctuary, Pasacao is just getting by at the peak of summer while tourism destinations elsewhere in the province are hosting hordes of visitors year round.

    Mayor-elect and outgoing councilor NiƱo Tayco cites several factors why the town, 38 kilometers southwest of Naga City, is unable to live up to its title of "su ...

  • Dive Sites At Romblon Island

    Dive Sites At Romblon Island

    Around Romblon Island you find various dive sites: walls, cliffs, soft coral spots, muck dive sites for macro fans, giant gorgonias, marine sanctuaries, underwater canyons and much more. Our most famous spots are the canyon landscape of Agpanabat, giant fan corals at Magnificat, swarmfish dive site in Agnay, muck and macro diving in Lunas and our house reef with Mandarinfish, Marble shrimps, Spanish dancers, rare tiger shrimps and much more.

    Dive sites in Romblon Island ??" Our House Reef

    Our house reef can be entered directly from the beach of the Three P Holiday & Dive Resort. This div ...