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  • Aglicay Beach and Trangkalan Falls in Tablas

    Aglicay Beach and Trangkalan Falls in Tablas

    First order of business for the day was to take the ferry from Romblon back to Tablas. Since the SEAIR flight from Tablas back to Manila is early in the morning, you have to be in Tablas a day before departure. The only morning ferry trip back to Tablas was at 8 a.m. so I made sure to get some quality rest the night before. After munching on the pizza leftover from my dinner at Romblon Deli, I made my way to the pier to catch the ferry.

    Back in San Agustin, I went back to the Madrona Residence in Brgy. Bachawan where I was to stay for the night. About three kilometers from the place is Tran ...

  • A Weekend in Aglicay Beach

    A Weekend in Aglicay Beach

    MY friends and I love going out on a weekend travel adventure. It is long enough to escape from work, not too expensive and the places to go to are countless. One weekend in March, we went to a not-so-discovered beach resort in Romblon.

    The Aglicay Beach Resort is located in the municipality of Alcantara in Tablas Island. It boasts of powdery white sand, corals, coves, hills and calm waters. It is perfect for those who want to get away and relax - even if only for a few days.

    We left Manila Friday afternoon via MV Virgin Mary. and the 10-hour trip didn't seem all that long. We had dinner ...

  • Aglicay Beach Resort

    Aglicay Beach Resort

    After visiting the beaches of Carabao Island in Romblon, as part of our Mt Guiting-Guiting post-climb recovery, we decided to visit one final beach in Romblon before heading home to Manila ??" Aglicay. After catching an early morning banca from Carabao Island back to Santa Fe, Tablas, we rode a Looc-bound jeep as far as the intersection where the road to Alcantara branches off. We alighted here and prepared to wait for the next jeep going to Alcantara.

    While looking for a sari-sari store to buy some noodles for breakfast, I met one of the locals, Arthur "Art" Serazpi, who invited us back t ...