AgpanabatTurtle Sanctuary

Romblon, Romblon

Agpanabat Fish and Turtle Sanctuary is located in Sitio Agbaliga in Agpanabat, Romblon and has been identified as a nesting site of the critically endangered hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata), in addition to fi ve areas earlier declared as nesting sites of the marine animal.

Agpanabat Fish and Turtle Sanctuary News

  • Things To See In Looc Romblon

    Things To See In Looc Romblon

    A 4th class municipality in Romblon province in the Philippines, Looc is located along the shores of Looc Bay on the southern part of Tablas Island. It is bordered to east by Alcantara, to the west by Looc Bay and Tablas Strait, to the north by Odiongan and Ferrol, and to the south by Santa Fe.

    The municipality's name originated from the Filipino/Onhan word "look", which means "bay", referring to the body of water it encloses. For its topography, it mostly consists of slopes that are characterized as nearly level to slightly and strongly undulate rolling hills.

    Like many places in the Ph ...

  • Seven Spectacular Romblon Dive Sites From Blue Hole To The Giant Clam Sanctuary

    Seven Spectacular Romblon Dive Sites From Blue Hole To The Giant Clam Sanctuary

    Romblon Island is just one of the twenty Sibuyan Sea islands that make up the Philippines' Romblon Province. Surrounded by deep, clear channels where manta ray and whale shark sightings are frequent, the area is 187 nautical miles south of Manila and is virtually untouched, offering exceptional diving for all levels, thanks to sheltered bays and inlets where marine life abounds. There are more than twenty named dive sites around Romblon ??" here are just seven of the best.

    Blue Hole - Romblon Dive Sites

    The only Blue Hole discovered in the Philippines to date, this site begins along a ...

  • Dive Sites At Romblon Island

    Dive Sites At Romblon Island

    Around Romblon Island you find various dive sites: walls, cliffs, soft coral spots, muck dive sites for macro fans, giant gorgonias, marine sanctuaries, underwater canyons and much more. Our most famous spots are the canyon landscape of Agpanabat, giant fan corals at Magnificat, swarmfish dive site in Agnay, muck and macro diving in Lunas and our house reef with Mandarinfish, Marble shrimps, Spanish dancers, rare tiger shrimps and much more.

    Dive sites in Romblon Island ??" Our House Reef

    Our house reef can be entered directly from the beach of the Three P Holiday & Dive Resort. This div ...

  • Romblon Biniray Festival 2014 Apuna Tribe

    Performed by Pawikan Inc. of barangay Agpanabat Romblon Romblon.

  • Blast From The Past Romblon In 2008 Part 2

    Blast From The Past Romblon In 2008 Part 2

    Day 1: Romblon Island

    Oct 20, 2008. My Day 1 started at 1 pm, after a really long sleep. My brother, and Joel, one SIKAT staff, and myself rode the motorcycle to one of the communities of Romblon Island.Talk about overloading,

    We headed to Agpanabat, which is about 30 minutes away from Romblon proper. There, I interviewed Chris and Job, two of the officers of Pawikan Inc, a community-based organization advocating marine conservation. Pawikan is the Filipino name for sea turtle, which is now close to being extinct. Agpanabat, being one of the nesting place for the sea turtles took the res ...

  • The Unspoiled Attractions of Romblon Philippines

    The Unspoiled Attractions of Romblon Philippines

    While Boracay stands as the most famous tourist attraction in the Philippines, it is by no means the only place worth visiting in this country of 7,100 or so islands. There are still a lot of attractions in the country that are not as famous but equally beautiful and yet undiscovered by tourists from the rest of the world and even to most Filipinos. A wealth of beautiful beaches and undiscovered attractions are found in the little known province of Romblon, the Marble country of the Philippines. Composed of three major islands, Romblon, Tablas and Sibuyan, the province can boast of white sand ...