Aglicay Beach

Alcantara, Romblon

Aglicay Beach is located just south of the town of Alcantara on the east coast of Tablas Island, which is part of the Romblon group of islands in the Philippines. It has its own private beach which is lovely although it has obviously been "engineered" somewhat to extend the sand back further inland from the water. There are many facilities available at the resort including volleyball, snorkel hire ...

, pool table, badminton, videoke, conference facilities, restaurant and bar. Day visits to the resort are also allowed for a fee.

The beach at Aglicay is beautiful, boasting fine white sand and palm lined shores, and is very nice for swimming at high tide, although at low tide the sea grass that lies just off shore is exposed and a little too close to the water line for swimming.

Aglicay Beach News

  • Solo Ride Around Romblon Island Part 1

    Solo Ride Around Romblon Island Part 1

    Romblon Island is the capital and the smallest of three major islands (the other two being Sibuyan and Tablas) of the province of Romblon in the Philippines. If you are traveling by air or have limited time, it can be pretty tricky trying to visit all three islands, since getting around requires boat travel with limited trip schedules, going from port to port, and limited public transportation options.

  • Aglicay Beach Resort, Romblon

    Aglicay Beach Resort, Romblon

    Tablas Island is the largest of the three major islands that make up Romblon Province. While many visitors travel via sea to Odiongan, a major port on the west central coast of the island, that can be very time-consuming. It can take anywhere from 8 to 12 hours from the Batangas Port to get to the main islands of Romblon. Thankfully, there are now direct flights from Manila to Tablas. The only airport in the entire province is located in Barangay Tugdan in the municipality of Alcantara on the eastern coast of Tablas Island.

  • Exploring Tablas Island Of Romblon Province, Travel Guide

    Exploring Tablas Island Of Romblon Province, Travel Guide

    When someone says Romblon, the first thing that comes on my mind (maybe yours too) are Mt. Guiting-guiting and Sibuyan Island. Romblon, in my opinion, has been underrated. Although it may not be the least visited province in the Philippines, but you know that it wont be on the top list either. Even I, is guilty of neglecting Romblon and just passed it by whenever Im looking at our countrys map. Little did we know that this province offers tranquility from the bustling and hustling of Metro Manila particularly Tablas Island.

  • Discovering Romblon

    Discovering Romblon

    In Romblon, life is startlingly simple. Theres no traffic, no pollution, minimal crimes, and no Internet (sometimes 3G signal is bad too). Its natures way of telling you to take a break and see the beautiful sceneries, experience its beautiful beaches, and taste the well-loved cuisine.

    Compared to its neighboring island, Boracay, Romblon is a quiet and peaceful province found at the heart of the Philippine archipelago. When you go to Romblon, unlike in Boracay, where there is a festive mood and a lot of partying going on especially at night, in Romblon you are going to have quiet and soul- ...

  • Awesome Romblon Awesome Guide To Tablas Island Itinerary

    Awesome Romblon Awesome Guide To Tablas Island Itinerary

    Tablas: our first stop in our Awesome Romblon adventure! Romblon is composed of three major islands that one must visit--Romblon Town, Tablas Island, and Sibuyan Island.

    Famed for being the Marble Capital of the Philippines, the province's marble is comparable to the world's best. Trade plays a big role in Romblon's economy by virtue of its location at the center of the archipelago.

    The islands are blessed with natural beauty such as beaches, rivers, mountains, and diverse eco-systems, which offer tourists many opportunities for adventures like scuba, trekking, and snorkeling.

    Here's ...

  • Romblon Green Paradise In A Shimmering Blue Sea

    Romblon Green Paradise In A Shimmering Blue Sea

    From the air, the island of Romblon is a mass of unspoiled forest folded in hillocks and set in a shimmering sea, beckoning you to rest and relax in its cool cradle of green and turquoise.

    Those craving the frenetic activity of the night won't find it here. Romblon is quiet, so quiet you can hear your heart beat. You can listen to your breath flow in and out your body. You can hear whispers of your inmost self.

    Getting there and where to stay

    Philippine Airlines flies to and from the island cluster of Romblon only three times a week ??" Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday ??" so plan your s ...