Tinipak Springs

Tanay, Rizal

Tinipak River Springs is located in Tanay Rizal is a perfect outdoor adventure, a perfect day trip that will surely leave a mark for travel enthusiasts and will make them plan for a part two adventure. A hidden paradise in Tanay soon to be discovered.

Tinipak River Springs News

  • Day Hike Crossing Boundaries For Mt Mamara

    Day Hike Crossing Boundaries For Mt Mamara

    Change of plans. I love it when my companions are just ready for anything. Meeting hiking buddies Christine and Marky early Friday morning in Cubao, we were supposed to go to another mountain. As fast as the changing wind, we decided to visit another mountain at the vicinity of Daraitan Mt Mamara. A smaller brother of Mt Daraitan in Tanay, Rizal, Mt Mamara was opened as an alternative to climbers who got cut-off from the maximum 300 pax per day limit of climbers for Mt Daraitan. It may be a minor mountain but the rewards of the climb is equally captivating.

  • Mt Daraitan Tinipak River Tanay Rizal Philippines - January 2018

    It is a refreshing moment. Just a week before the new semester, we were able to spend two days embracing the beauty of nature of Rizal Province with our fellow Jesuits. The natural pool inside the cave, the fresh water of the river, the sea of clouds, and the good companions, all are wonderful; and it's only two hours away from the crowded city of Manila. I thank God for this beautiful adventure.

  • Reasons To Visit Mount Daraitan And Tinipak River

    Reasons To Visit Mount Daraitan And Tinipak River

    If you want to really experience a true Philippine adventure, then pay a visit to Mount Daraitan and Tinipak River, and admire all of its glory and beauty. Even if you have seen pictures of Mount Daraitan and Tinipak River from travel blogs or social media, pictures dont do Mount Daraitan justice. The sheer natural beauty of Mount Daraitan is one of those must-see places you have to experience yourself.

  • Tinipak River In Daraitan

    This is the hidden paradise of Daraitan. If you want to experience its beauty, you have to come and visit the place. It was a little bit disappointing though because we didn't get the chance to go to the cave at that time because the water was high. Yet, we still enjoyed the clear water of the Tinipak River. It's worth the visit.

  • 600 Pesos Dayhike Guide To Mt Daraitan And Tinipak River

    600 Pesos Dayhike Guide To Mt Daraitan And Tinipak River

    Rizal province is undoubtedly one of the most favored places to visit for mountaineers. It is a perfect place for beginners to celebrate their first mountain hike since it is in here where you can find the right mountain to climb based on your specifications. Aside from the beautiful mountains, the province of Rizal also offers unspoiled rivers and waterfalls as well as impressive rock formations inside those century old caves.

  • Traversing A Sneaky Mountain

    Traversing A Sneaky Mountain

    In pain, you gain strength??"basically, that's how you'll survive a day or two at Mount Daraitan.

    I wouldn't have had the slightest hint of its existence if not for my friend??"my colleague to be exact??"who further planned this journey. We were four then, but only the two of us made it for some reasons. Moving on, a first in our lives, it took us tons of courage to try mountain-climbing without thinking about the whats and ifs, not until we were on the spot surrendering our all to nature.

    Easier said than done, be it a rookie or pro, conquering the world above heights is only few steps ...