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  • Tres Escalon Falls In Taytay Rizal

    Tres Escalon Falls In Taytay Rizal

    I grew up in Cainta, Rizal and I live in this town up to present and most of my leisure time I go to the nearest mall like Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall. Since then I never had the chance to rusticate the entire Rizal Province, so I seldom visit tourist spots where you can find Daranak Falls in Tanay, Antipolo and the rest I visited recently are Pililia, Cardona, Angono, Binangonan and Morong. I was pretty much of the malls aside from the nearest one either I go to Ortigas Center or Cubao. Yes I spent most of my time in the hustle-bustle city where everyone's busy.

    I love to travel and if I do ...

  • Tres Escalon Falls In Taytay Rizal

    Tres Escalon Falls In Taytay Rizal

    For almost 20 years, I've been residing in Cainta, but was not really going around town much until I started researching interesting sights nearby. I stumbled upon a place about 5 minutes from Valley Golf, and I was amazed that such place exist not far from where I reside. Taytay is the neighboring town of Cainta, and there lies a waterfalls I never imagined it existed. Curiosity got me excited so I left the house before the sun goes up, but the rain starts pouring down, yet I still went on with my agenda.

    Tres Escalon Falls is situated inside a Melendres Village (yes, inside a village), lo ...

  • Hamaka Festival In Taytay Rizal

    Taytay Rizal is known for its quality ready-made dresses and woodworks.

    And so they create HAMAKA festival in support.

    It's Taytay Rizal's week long celebration of thanksgiving.

    The festival tends to show the talents of Rizalenos in terms of wood works (hamba) sewing machine (makina), garments designs (kasuotan).

    The event's activities includes, street dancing, trade exhibits, fashion in street, sports fest and Miss HAMAKA. It's a yearly event celebrated every 9-15th day of February.

    The festival aims to promote the town's tourism and to maintain the quality of their products es ...