Talim Island

Cardona, Rizal

Talim Island is the largest lake island in Laguna de Bay, the largest lake in the Philippines. The hilly island is within the boundaries of the Province of Rizal, under the jurisdiction of two municipalities. The western side is part of the municipality of Binangonan, while the eastern section is part of Cardona.

The island is volcanic in origin and forms the southwest rim of the La ...

guna Caldera. Volcanism after the formation of the caldera created the maars and volcanic craters at the southern end of Talim Island, the largest of which is a 3 kilometer crater surrounding Brgys. Balibago and Tuna.  Wiki

Talim Island News

  • High Costs Stunt Growth Of Bamboo Industry In Talim

    High Costs Stunt Growth Of Bamboo Industry In Talim

    Have you ever wondered where the lowly bamboo skewers holding together your favorite street food come from?

    Most likely, they come from Talim Island, a speck of land on Laguna de Bay.

    Talim is divided into the Binangonan and Cardona sides, both under the province of Rizal.

    It is on the Binangonan side facing Laguna province where bamboo growing is considered a major source of livelihood in at least three villages: Ginoong Sanay, Pinagdilawan and Malakaban.

    Dwindling supply

    Bamboo, particularly "kawayan tinik" (Bambusa blumeana), used to grow abundantly on the hilly parts of Tal ...

  • Talim Islands Traditional Bamboo Entrepreneurs Get Livelihood Boost

    Talim Islands Traditional Bamboo Entrepreneurs Get Livelihood Boost

    For decades now, residents of a barangay on Talim Island, the largest lake island in Laguna de Bay, have put up a viable livelihood out of bamboo grass that grows abundantly on the island's hilly terrain by making barbecue sticks and earning as much as P6,400 to a low of P1,000, or an average of P2,776 monthly.

    The bamboo stick makers of Barangay Ginoong Sanay indeed need help to upgrade their lowly bamboo craft business into a profitable collective business enterprise.

    The Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau (ERDB) has been helping the Ginoong Sanay bamboo group, which is compos ...

  • Talim Island Adventure

    Awesome adventure at Talim Island, Philippines with Malaya Outdoor Group!

  • Hiking Chronicles Mt Batolusong

    Hiking Chronicles Mt Batolusong

    Mt. Batolusong (810+ MASL)
    Brgy. San Andres, Tanay, Rizal
    Mountain specs: Difficulty 3/9 | Minor climb | Trail class 1-4

    Mt. Batolusong is a part of the Sierra Madre southern range located in Tanay, Rizal. The term batolusong came from two Filipino words, bato and lusong, which literally means a big mortar stone used to pound rice and other agricultural products. It is fun to note that the central plains in San Andres are utilized for rice-planting - a part of the daily lives of the native people in San Andres since the ancestral times.

    There are three promine ...

  • Guide to Mount Tagapo

    Guide to Mount Tagapo

    Located at Talim Island off the coast of Rizal and Laguna, Mt. Tagapo has no tourist joints in the area, let alone an inn or homestay. But perhaps that's what draws visitors to this place??"that there's no traffic up and down the trail and the greenery isn't eroded by thousands of weekly hikers.

    I climbed Mt. Tagapo, also known locally as Susong Dalaga (maiden's breasts) last weekend with friends from Talim Island. I opted for the day hike instead of camping overnight at the peak.

    1. How high is the mountain?

    According to Trail Adventours, it stands at 438 m (1,437 ft.) above sea leve ...

  • Talim Island More Than Just A Speck In The Water

    Talim Island More Than Just A Speck In The Water

    I usually research on the basics of the place I'm visiting before getting there, but when my Tita Fe and her husband, Tito Apin, invited me to visit his hometown in Talim Island, I decided to leave everything up to them. Without any information other than Mt. Tagapo, I found myself immersing in this little-known island with a fresh pair of eyes. It was like watching a film without reading the reviews or spoilers until after the movie.

    I met Tita Fe and Tito Apin at Calamba Pretel (port) in Laguna at 9 a.m. on September 25. They hired a private boat to take me to Barangay Habagatan, one of t ...