Payaran Falls

Rodriguez, Rizal

Seven Layered Falls commonly known as the Payaran Falls is one of many splendid and series of waterfalls are refresingly stunning destination in the province of Rizal, It is situated in Barangay Mascap, in town of Rodriguez.

Seven Layered Falls or Payaran Falls News

  • Mascap MultiPeak Hike - Espadang Bato (455+ MASL Bulaklak Peak 510 MASL) And Sipit Ulang (210+ MASL)

    Mascap MultiPeak Hike - Espadang Bato (455+ MASL Bulaklak Peak 510 MASL) And Sipit Ulang (210+ MASL)

    The mountains of Rizal are a welcome respite to us hikers living in the Metro. With such wonderful destinations right at the doorstep of the city, hikers are treated to a variety of options to choose from. Rodriguez, Rizal (formerly Montalban) is one of such places. From mainstream hiking trails like famous twin mountains of Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Binacayan, the more challenging Mt. Hapunang Banoi, the rocky and craggy Mt. Lagyo and the stately Mt. Ayaas to the less-crowded trails of Mt. Oro, Mt. Sipit Ulang and the distant Mt. Rayak, Mt. Magloko and Mt. Kapananan, the possibilities are numerou ...

  • Mt Sipit Ulang Climb December 2016

    My second climb in Mount Sipit Ulang located in Rodriguez, Rizal.

  • The Multi-tiered Cascades Of Payaran Falls

    The Multi-tiered Cascades Of Payaran Falls

    Located within a dense and lush forest in Brgy Mascap is the multi-tiered cascades of Payaran Falls. Plunging from a height of approximately 8 meters in the highest of the seven cascades making up the Payaran Falls series, the water cascades with enough force to provide a relaxing and soothing deep muscle massage perfect to loosen up tensed muscles after a strenuous hike. Conveniently located in the crossroads of the trails of Mts. Ayaas, Sipit Ulang and Oro, Payaran Falls is a perfect choice for a sidetrip to cap off a great hike in Brgy Mascap.

    Based on my observation, the specs for Payar ...

  • Mt Sipit Ulang Traverse And Payaran Falls

    Mt Sipit Ulang Traverse And Payaran Falls

    We left from our meeting place at 5:00 am instead of 4:30 since everyone was late. Then waited for Dylan outside Jollibee Farmers, Cubao for more than two hours as I could remember. Consequently, we were able to reach the jump off late than we supposed to be.

    It was Dylan's and ate Con's first time. We indeed had a great time once together.

    • Rode jeepney from Cubao to Montalban,Rizal(tell the driver to drop you off at tricycle terminal to wawa dam
    • Rode tricycle to Brgy. Mascap

    • Rode tricycle back to Total gas
    • Rode jeepney to Cubao

    E ...

  • How To Go To Mt Sipit Ulang And Payaran Falls In Rodriguez Rizal

    How To Go To Mt Sipit Ulang And Payaran Falls In Rodriguez Rizal

    Mountains are calling and I must go, one of the famous tagline that is commonly heard from the people who greatly enjoy outdoor activities and nature lovers.

    Indeed, one of my favorite motto when it comes to mountaineering or/ trekking. It was end of July this year when I and my friends decided to explore one of the newly opened attraction in Brgy. Mascap, Rizal, Philippines called "Mount Sipit-Ulang" which has English translation as "Lobster Tongs" because of the lobster-tongs like forming its summit.

    The mountain is estimated as 252+ meters above sea level (masl.) and a combination of ...

  • Day Hike To Mt Sipit-Ulang

    Day Hike To Mt Sipit-Ulang

    After our day hike in Mt. Pinatubo last March, Mac doesn't really wanna do another hike again. As in, EVER! But I'd like to believe that with my persuasion and negotiating skills with matching drama pa, he gave in and joined our Mt. Sipit-Ulang day hike with Payaran Falls. Yey!

    Getting there:
    We were lucky because our friend/officemate, Aaron, volunteered to use his car on our way to Rodriguez, Rizal. We left the office before 5am, and arrived in Brgy. Mascap past 6am. We actually got lost since we can't find Brgy. Mascap in Waze/Google Maps. Luckily, a local helped us with the right direc ...