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  • San Mateo Is In His Heart

    TV5's Biyaheng Bulilit host Marc Cubales brings back the grandeur of San Mateo, Rizal. After the destruction brought by Ondoy in 2009, San Mateo vows to restore its historical landmark and strengthen the city's cultural traditions.

    One of the fast track municipalities in Rizal, San Mateo is known for its spacious parks, tree lined streets and roads, and industrial zones. The municipality is also a bustling residential district and a vacation paradise with its scenic parks and mountain resorts.

    As early as now, plans are underway for the annual Kakanin Festival in San Mateo. A project of ...

  • Kakanin Festival 308th Anniversary Of Nuestra Senora Aranzazu

    I went to San Mateo, Rizal with my group mates early in the morning for our documentary project. I must say that it is heartwarming to see people celebrating fiestas in their own towns. Although the "Kakanin Festival" this year was less extravagant than last year because of the disaster that Habagat brought to their town, there were still smiles on their faces.

    One person that we interviewed said that San Mateo, Rizal had a vast land of palayan before that's why they had a "Kakanin Festival" yearly but according to Jojo Catindig, President of Katipunang Pangkasaysayan ng San Mateo Rizal (S ...

  • Parada Ng Kakanin Of San Mateo Rizal

    Parada Ng Kakanin Of San Mateo Rizal

    The most anticipated Festival in San Mateo is their Parada ng Kakanin(Parade of Rice Cakes). It is a yearly event in San Mateo Rizal that is celebrated every 9th day of September.

    Since Rizal is surrounded by rice fields which are their main industry and source of income, cooking rice cakes has been part of RizaleƱos life. Bibingka and suman are their specialties when it comes to kakanin.

    The parade usually participated by all Barangays in the town. Parade floats are being designed with kakanins like bibingka, suman, cassava cake, kutsinta etc. Also fruits and vegetables.

  • Kakanin Festival Of San Mateo Rizal

    Kakanin Festival Of San Mateo Rizal

    San Mateo in Rizal has always been close to my heart as it is one of Marikina's neighboring towns. In fact, San Mateo is only less than a hundred meters from where I live. Little did I know that this small town is celebrating annually a "Kakanin Festival" which gives tribute to the town's patron, Nuestra Senora de Aranzazu, and at the same time, remind the townsfolk and the world why San Mateo should be held as the 'Philippine's Kakanin Capital.

    The festivity is celebrated every 9th of September and was introduced by Monsignor Manuel Balbago. The day's event starts with a mass in the mornin ...

  • Kakanin Festival of San Mateo Rizal

    Kakanin Festival (Parada ng Kakanin) of San Mateo Rizal is an annual event every 9th of September in honor of their patron saint Nuestra Senora de Aranzazu.

    This documentary is one of our projects in our Film and Video class. The production staff is a group of AB Mass Communication students of Trinity University of Asia.

    Thank you for watching and keep the Filipino culture living!

  • San Mateo Rizal Celebrates Kakanin Festival Unang Hirit

    Festivals are not complete without the classic kakanin or Filipino rice cakes. Different types of kakanin take center stage at San Mateo Rizal's Kakanin Festival.

    Aired: September 9, 2014

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