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  • Wanderlust Rizal Philippines

    Hey guys! I'm back! I hope you enjoyed this video.

  • Mt Sembrano Pililla Rizal DIY Adventure Trek

    Mt Sembrano Pililla Rizal DIY Adventure Trek

    Name: Mt. Sembrano
    Jump Off point: Malaya, Pililla, Rizal
    Elevation: 745 MASL
    Difficulty: 3/9
    Features: Grassland, mountains and view of Laguna de Bay

    Mt. Sembrano is my second mountain climb during the month of July for the year 2016. A day hike adventure for beginners that would take 3-4 hours hike to the summit and 2-3 hours descent. It is located in my own province of Rizal. It lies between the boundaries of the towns of Jalajala and Pililla in Rizal and the town of Pakil in Laguna. The mountain sits at the helm of Jalajala peninsula along the shore of Laguna de Bay and is surround ...

  • Clear Water Of Manggahan Falls

    Clear Water Of Manggahan Falls

    Though not as high compared to other waterfalls which is only 10 ft. of cascade. It is still a great sidetrip after ascending from the summit of Mt. Sembrano which is just 400 meters away from the "Manggahan" campsite that requires ascending and trekking through rocks and a stream.

    It was named after the Mango (Mangga) trees that are abundant in the area, thus it was named "Manggahan Falls" but it is also known as "Kabayo Falls" to some. The water that cascades from the huge boulders is clear and ideal for washing, but since the catch basin is shallow (just below knee deep), it is not ideal ...

  • Pililla Freestyle Meet

    Spreading the love for this sport/art, yet again. Filmed at the windmills of Rizal, Philippines.

    Thanks for watching!

  • Our Roadtrip Date The Windmill Pililla Rizal

    Our Roadtrip Date The Windmill Pililla Rizal

    First stop in our Roadtrip Date is The Windmill in Pililla, Rizal!

    Nope, this is not in Ilocos. Nope, I don't have to travel for 12 hours for this. And yep, its near Manila! In fact you can reach this in just 2-2.5 hours from Manila. It is just situated in Pililla Rizal. If you're not familiar with this place, its near the famous city of Antipolo and the province of Tanay!

    Oh diba, it is so easy to visit this place!

    The place is remarkably amazing!! The fresh wind from the mountains, the warm sun, plus this magnificent view of the windmills! Definitely one for the books!

    Ahhhhhhhh ...

  • A Day Trip In Tanay The Pililla Wind Farm

    A Day Trip In Tanay The Pililla Wind Farm

    We left Cubao around 5 in the morning and it took us around 4 hours to reach our first destination, the wind farm of Pililla, Rizal. Yes, Ilocos is not the only place to find those gigantic windmills and you don't need to travel that far just to marvel the beauty of these enormous structures. The so-called windfarm is located in Rizal which is just one ride away from Manila.

    I cannot help myself but to marvel the beauty of these amazing windmills indeed. I have never been to Ilocos and I have never seen their windfarm upclose so seeing a series of gigantic windmills here in Pililla is nothi ...