Pililla Wind Farm

Pililla, Rizal

Pililla Wind Farm in Rizal are on top of the hills overlooking the beautiful plane of Tanay Rizal on one side and Laguna on the other. This is a welcome development in terms of renewable energy and a sure boost for local tourism in Rizal Province.

Pililla Wind Farm News

  • Road Trip Itinerary Laguna And Quezon

    Road Trip Itinerary Laguna And Quezon

    Because Metro Manila and many surrounding towns are highly urbanized and congested, a lot of us are always looking for easy escapes for day trips and weekend getaways. Just a couple of hours from the metro, the nearby provinces of Laguna and Quezon are good choices for those who want to experience the "simple country life." You can spend the day in a farm or natural resorts, stay in cozy bed & breakfasts, dine in artistic and homey restaurants, and visit artists studios.

  • Mountain Biking Pililla Wind Farm

    Mountain Biking Pililla Wind Farm

    A few years ago, you had to travel for 11 hours way up north to see the gigantic Bangui Windmills in Ilocos. Fortunately, Alternergy Wind One Corp, a company that provides alternate energy services, started the Pililla Wind Farm project back in 2013.

  • Pililia Wind Farm The Towering Windmills Of Rizal

    Pililia Wind Farm The Towering Windmills Of Rizal

    It was summer, since I didn't get the chance to go anywhere this summer, last April 2017, I decided to explore more my hometown which is Rizal, things that I haven't done for several years. I've always wanted to explore different places and connect more to it rather than just take photos and upload it on social media. By means of traveling, you get to learn more about the places you visit, the people you meet and the experience that you gain.

  • Day Trip In Tanay And Pililla Rizal

    Day Trip In Tanay And Pililla Rizal

    Last Saturday was my college friend Lizas birthday. To celebrate it, we had a day trip in Rizal with her daughter Mika and our friend Hanna. We had lunch in Martessem Mountain Resort, checked out the windmills in Pililla Wind Farm, and had early dinner in Bulawan Floating Restaurant. Martessem Mountain Resort is located in Tanay while the wind farm and Bulawan Floating Restaurant are in Pililla, Rizal.

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    7 Day Tours From Manila Under P1000

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  • Treize TV Pililla Rizal Wind Farm Regina Rica In Tanay

    Welcome to RIZAL officially known as the Province of Rizal (Filipino: Lalawigan ng Rizal) is a province in the Philippines located in the Calabarzon region, just 16 kilometres (9.9 mi) east of Manila. The province is named after Jose Rizal, one of the main national heroes of the Philippines. Rizal is bordered by Metro Manila to the west, Bulacan to the north, Quezon to the east and Laguna to the southeast. The province also lies on the northern shores of Laguna de Bay, the largest lake in the country. Rizal is a mountainous province perched on the western slopes of the southern portion of the ...