Mount Maranat Falls

Rodriguez, Rizal

Mount Maranat is located in the town of Rodriguez, Rizal province. "Maranat" is actually the name of the falls, which belongs to Mt. Oriod. Mt. Maranat is a hiking destination that is near in Metro Manila. It has an estimated elevation of up to 840 meters above sea level. This mountain is part of the Sierra Madre mountain range with neighboring mountain which is Mt. Oriod (the highest peak of Rodr ...

iguez Rizal) and Mt. Balagbag (the most known mountain for mountain biker).

Mount Maranat Falls News

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  • Conquering And Enjoying Mount Maranat

    First travel, Mountain to climb, Falls to chase and overnight camp of 2017! I had a lot of fun meeting new friends along the way. This was a fun trip, unexpected things do happen, originally we were set to climb Mt. Balagbag but along our hike we decided to Mt. Maranat which is farther and more challenging than Balagbag. We even crossed the river without seeing anything! How cool is that? Watch this video and see what happened on my first trip this year! Don't forget to subscribe!

    Please do remember that a permit Mt. Maranat is under reforestation, not much climbers are allowed to hike but ...

  • Mt Balagbag And Mt Maranat Hiking Adventure

    Mount Balagbag and Mount Maranat Hiking Adventure taken last January 17, 2016 at Tanay, Rizal, Philippines.

  • Mt Balagbag And Maranat Falls Traverse

    Mount Balagbag and Maranat Falls Traverse in Rodriguez, Rizal, Philippines.

  • Mount Balagbag-Maranat Traverse

    Mount Balagbag-Maranat Traverse

    This was spot on weekend getaway when I decided to do a minor climb last Sunday.

    Not planned at all. It just took me half day last Saturday to prepare and finalize the itinerary and budget, of course with the help of blogs readily available online and friends who've been to Mt. Balagbag.

    It's supposed to be a solo climb because most of my friends are scheduled to different destination on that particular day but fortunately, there's one that shares the same interest as mine had joined me.

    5AM, we hopped on a bus bound to SM Fairview-Tungko from East Avenue, QC. Bus fare, Php 49 per pe ...

  • Mount Maranat Traverse

    Hiking adventure in Mount Maranat located in Rodriguez, Rizal.