Mount Lubog

Rodriguez, Rizal

Mt. Lubog is located in Sitio Lubog, Brgy. Puray, Rodriguez, Rizal. These mountain opened its peak to hikers around May 2015. Trail consists of mossy forest and trail covered trees.

Mount Lubog News

  • From Mt Lubog To Mt Haponang Banoi

    From Mt Lubog To Mt Haponang Banoi

    Mt. Haponang Banoy or Banoi is situated beside Mt. Pamitinan and separated by Wawa Dam from Mt. Binacayan. This mountain is now famous to mountaineering world because it is surrounded by luscious green trees, making the area looks so relaxing and the wind is cool, clean and fresh. Plus, the exhilarating terrains added an adventure to hikers.

    Our plan was really to hike Mt. Haponang Banoy, but our guide misunderstood us. He was thinking that we're hiking Mt. Lubog, so by his lead, we trekked an ascending trail surrounded by shrubs, grass, flowering plants and fruit bearing trees. All of us p ...

  • Hiked To Mt Balagbag And Panintingan Falls

    Hiked To Mt Balagbag And Panintingan Falls

    The initial plan was to go up the Helipad, take some pictures, and go down for a quick half-day climb. But things don't always turn out the way you plan, and sometimes that's a good thing! Here is the entry of our extended Mt. Balagbag climb this past weekend.

    I've heard of Mt. Balagbag numerous times, from mountain bikers to trail runners, it's a popular place for training because of the uphills and its proximity to the metro. Since we were looking for a quick and nearby hike, my friend and I set this mountain as our trail practice destination.

    Bringing only our assault packs, we met at ...

  • Conquering Mts Sipit Ulang And Lubog

    Walked through a rainforest, squeezed through dark, tight caves, Scrambled through jagged rocks, waded through kilometers of mud, climbed up and down slippery slopes, and endured a total of 4 hours on a habal-habal. Definitely one of the hardest climbs I ever had. But once I reached the top and saw the unfiltered world through my own eyes, I just had to tell myself, "It was all worth it".

  • Hiked To Mt Lubog

    Hiked To Mt Lubog

    On most climbs, my legs get sore first, usually followed by my arms and shoulders when there are technical parts. But in my Mt. Lubog adventure, it was my butt that took most of the beating. Why? The answer is just one compound word: habal-habal.

    It's been exactly one year since my Pico de Loro climb, and to celebrate this anniversary, I hitched with a friend's group to climb another mountain in Rizal.

    Mt. Lubog, is made famous by it's rocky summit, just like other mountains in Rizal. However, I believe that it should be known more for the 2-3-hour habal-habal ride going to the jump-off. ...

  • Mount Lubog Adventure

    "Life is Adventure" Mt. Lubog side trip caving and talamitan waterfalls. betweet 935 to 955 meters above sea level at the summit with water source along the way from registration to jumpoff area. more or less one hour riding tricycle to reach registration. more or less 3 hour to reach registration site. two hours or more walk to reach jumpoff site. one or more than one hour to reach the summit. cave just along the way at first peak you can start caving or caving after visiting the summit.

  • Hiking Log in Mt Lubog Rizal

    Hiking Log in Mt Lubog Rizal

    Last week, I joined friends for a quick hike in Rodriguez, Rizal. With the exception of Koi Grey, who had explored the mountain a few years earlier, it was everyone's first time to this fairly new outdoor destination, Mt. Lubog. The origin of its name is unconfirmed but there's a similar word in Tagalog which means submerged, an irony for a mountain that's 955+ MASL high.

    From Manila, we traveled in a hired van and picked up some members of the group along the way. It was past 9:00 AM when we finally arrived in Barangay San Rafael in Rodriguez where we had to transfer to motorbikes. The ...