Mt Irid Angilo Mt Binuang Reserve

Rodriguez, Rizal

Mount Irid Mount Angilo and Mount Binuang Key Biodiversity Area is located in the Sierra Madre mountain range within the boundaries of Bulacan, Quezon, and Rizal provinces. Mt Irid rises to 1,448 meters above sea level and Mt Angelo to 1,315 meters above sea level.

There are several types of endemic bat species, and birds including the Philippine eagle Pitecophaga jefferyi and the C ...

rown-bellied Fruit Dove Ptilinopus merrilli classified as Critically Endangered, and the Philippine Hawk Eagle Spizaetus phippensis classified as Vulnerable.

Mount Irid Mount Angilo and Mount Binuang Key Biodiversity Area News

  • BirdLife International Visits PHs Forest Of Hope

    Country representatives of BirdLife International, the world’s largest nature conservation partnership, visited Haribon Foundation’s Forest of Hope site in Mts. Irid-Angelo located on the boundary of General Nakar and Infanta, Quezon.

    Led by Philippine environmental group Haribon Foundation, BirdLife International partners from Burung Indonesia, the University of Papua New Guinea Center for International Development, and BirdLife Secretariat from Asia Region and Cambridge explored the hundred-thousand-hectare old-growth forest that is home to threatened species such as the Philippine Ea ...

  • Mount Irid 2016 Major Climb

    2016 Major Climb in Mount Irid located in the municipality of Rodriguez, Rizal.

  • Mount Irid Aerial Preview

    Mount Irid Aerial Preview.

    11 River-crossing
    1 Waterfall-diving
    3 hours to basecamp
    3 hours Non-stop Assault to summit

  • Mt Irid 2016 Tanay Rizal 1 467 MASL

    Mount Irid rises 1, 467 MASL located in Rodriguez, Rizal.

  • Rafflesia Spotted In Mt Irid

    I first documented our Mt. Irid experience last August 2014 in the entry mt. irid: gateway to the mossy forest and i have photographed some of the rich biodiversity this mountain has to offer but who would have thought that deep down the forest of Mt. Irid we will find an addition to the richness of its biodiversity we found the most celebrated flower in Malaysia called Rafflesia. On our second climb to Mt. Irid the other day (March 12, 2016) an overnight hike of Lakwatserong Sulit Adventures we were so lucky that along the trail we saw this Rafflesia Manillana. (I'm not so sure if I am corre ...

  • Mt Irid Dayhike Feb 2016

    Mount Irid dayhike climb last February 07, 2016 located in Rodriguez, Rizal.