Mount Binacayan

Rodriguez, Rizal

Mt. Binacayan are the rocky mountains located in Brgy. Wawa Rodriguez, Rizal. Mt Binacayan is more difficult and challenge to offer with a rating of 5/9 that it is rare to encounter among the small mountains. The summit can be reach in a matter of 2-3hrs and the rewarding view is almost the same most wherein you can have 360 views of the surrounding.

Mount Binacayan News

  • Mt Binacayan

    Mt Binacayan

    Our hike started from a concreted path to a rocky trail. After an hour or so, we began scrambling up the limestone formation.

  • Mt Binacayan-Rodriguez Rizal, Travel Vlog

    Mt. Binacayan is situated in Rodriguez Rizal Philippines. This Mountain just not have an astonishing view but also has a rich history to tell.

  • Mt Binacayan Day Hike Guide Budget, Itinerary And Useful Tips

    Mt Binacayan Day Hike Guide Budget, Itinerary And Useful Tips

    Name: Mt. Binacayan
    Elevation: 424+ MASL
    Location: Montalban, Rizal
    Jump Off Point: Brgy. Wawa Montalban
    Difficulty: 2/9
    Features: Limestone karst. Scenic of the Sierra Madre Range and Wawa River

    Montalban is home to more than seven peaks which is among the most popular and frequently visited mountains within the province of Rizal. These peaks may not be at par with their numerous counterparts in the Sierra Madre range considering their elevation but they sure dont fall short of challenging trails. One of the all-time favorites in this part of Rizal is Mt. Binacayan which is one of the ...

  • Trvel Vlog 1 Mt. Binacayan, Rodriguez Rizal

    The best view comes after the hardest climb.

    This is my first hike experience and I definitely enjoyed it. One for the books!

  • The Rocky Trails Of Mount Binacayan

    The Rocky Trails Of Mount Binacayan

    Location: Rodriguez, Rizal

    Difficulty: 3/9

    Hours to reach the summit: 2 to 3 hours

    Visited on: January 2016

    Disclaimer: Mt. Binacayan is one of the many rocky mountains in Rizal. The rocks are sharp and pointed from edges to the center, some of which are so big I needed some boost and lift to climb. But my friends and I prefer rocky mountains; they are less likely to make the hiker tired because calculating the next step dominates the mind instead of thinking how long it will take to reach the next station/stop.

    I am never a great hiker ??" my legs are so short and my pace is no ...

  • Exploring Mt Binacayan And Mt Hapunang Banoi With Supremo 4K

    Exploring Mt Binacayan And Mt Hapunang Banoi With Supremo 4K

    If there is a province that is known for its mountain, Rizal is definitely it. Aside from Mt. Cayabu and Mt. Maynuba circuit that we did a few months ago, my co-teachers and I again organized another trail hike to Montalban, Rizal and that is Mt. Binacayan and Mt. Hapunang Banoi.

    And with my new action camera, the Supremo 4K, we captured all the fun times we had during our adventure at Rodriguez, Montalban, Rizal.

    We are supposed to do a trilogy hike but because it was EDSA Revolution Day, there were so many people also doing the same hike and a number of people trying to climb Mt. Pami ...