Mount Batolusong

Tanay, Rizal

Mt. Batolusong is one of the many potential hiking destinations situated in Brgy. San Andres Tanay Rizal, with an estimated elevation of up to 670 meters above sea level. The trail is relatively similar to Mt. Tagapo. It is an easy climb with difficulty rating of 2/9 and mapatag plateau can be reach in 2-4hrs. One feature of this mountain is being windy.

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  • Mt Batolusong And Sangab Cave Travel Guide, Budget Itinerary And Useful Tips

    Mt Batolusong And Sangab Cave Travel Guide, Budget Itinerary And Useful Tips

    Mt. Batolusong one of the beginner friendly mountain located in the province of Tanay. This marvelous mountain is popular and known for its Batanes-like grassland which is just 2 hours away from the busy city of Manila.

  • Hiking Mountains In The Philippines, Mt Batolusong Tanay Rizal

    There's always room for first times. First hiking for me.

    We embark on a little adventure towards Mt. Batolusong in Tanay, Rizal.

    The mountain is a 1-2 hour ride from Metro Manila. Mt. Batolusong is a good place to start for people who have no experience hiking.

    Plus it doesn't disappoint. Once we have reached the top, the view was nothing I ever imagined. I saw it in pictures but nothing beats the actual experience.

    Yes this is my first mountain, and maybe there will be more mountains to climb in the near future but hey, this adventure will always be remembered.

  • Mt Batolusong Sea Of Clouds Heavens Gate In Tanay

    Mt Batolusong Sea Of Clouds Heavens Gate In Tanay

    Mt. Batolusong is one of a newly discover hiking destination and spurring a spate of local hiker's interest since 2012. Situated in the southern part of the Sierra Madre mountain range in town of Tanay province of Rizal.

    Recomended entry point is either Sitio Kay-ibon, Brgy. Cuyambay, along the Marcos highway or Brgy. San Andres, passing through some interesting rock formations. Either entry going up the Mt. Batolusong summit (Mapatag Plateau) offer a relaxing view of greenery and fresh cool air.

  • Mount Batolusong In Cloud Nine

    Mount Batolusong In Cloud Nine

    Location: Tanay, Rizal

    Difficulty: 3/9

    Hours to reach the summit: 1 to 3 hours

    Visited on: July 2016

    Side trips: Kay-ibon Falls and Sangab Cave

    The climb:

    Trying our luck amidst waiting for the monsoon season to start its reign in the Philippines, my office friends and I decided to hike Mt. Batolusong. Famous for its sea of cloud features, Mt. Batolusong is located at San Andres, Tanay, Rizal and is quite near to Mt. Daraitan and Mt. Irid. It is rated 3/9 based from, whereas its terrain consists mostly of green fields and rocky roads.

    We decided to sta ...

  • Mount Sapari and Binutasan

    Mount Sapari and Binutasan

    Mts. Sapari & Binutasan are the mountains located at Brgy. Cuyambay in Tanay Rizal. It can be done in twin day hike as the trails are walking in the park with some semi gradual ascent.

    Before hiking these mountains you need to travel downhill from the main highway all the way to Brgy. Cuyambay. It is mandatory to register first and get guides from them. Expect to pay the entire fee's including the Guide fee in Brgy. Hall. It is also the same jump-off point if you have plan to climb Mt. Paliparan.

    I'm residing in Antipolo and Sierra Madre Mountains in Tanay are considered not only me but ...

  • Our Chronicles In Mount Batolusong

    Our Chronicles In Mount Batolusong

    Drawing a plan

    You got to start from somewhere, and it had to be over buckets of beer and a drunk open state of mind on a Tuesday night. My office mates, including one of our office heads, have planned to hike somewhere on the last week of January (28-29). Next day, Eka and Paul approached me regarding what have been conspired over that faithfully booze night. So, I suggested Mt. Batolusong. At first it was an overnight trip, but later on, turned into a day hike trip (ehem, Eka, dinasal dasal mo to).

    Coloring the Plan

    Fast track to Friday night, there was no concrete plan. Only hearsa ...