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  • Mt Sapari And Mt Binutasan Maysawa Circuit

    Mt Sapari And Mt Binutasan Maysawa Circuit

    Maysawa Circuit is the latest and newest hiking destination to look forward in the province of Rizal. It is located in Sitio Maysawa in Brgy. Cuyambay Tanay, Rizal. It was opened to hiking activities in June 2016 by local people with the help of skilled mountaineers in mapping the trail route and computing its standard metric measurement in metres of elevation and difficulty level.

    It is composed of two different mountains called Mt. Sa Pari (592 MASL) and Mt. Binutasan (562 MASL). According to Nomad Terra Crawlers, the trail is approximately 12.81 km. from the jump-off area (versa). It is ...

  • Grow Pummelo And Jackfruit In Your Farm

    Grow Pummelo And Jackfruit In Your Farm

    A lady lawyer who is developing a farm in northern Luzon consulted us on what's new in fruit trees. She said she has bought practically every variety from our nursery in Teresa, Rizal.

    We learned that she is developing about eight hectares and has already planted a few of each kind from our collection. Well, we asked her about her purpose in developing her farm. Is it just a hobby farm or is she interested in producing commercially for profit.?

    Of course, she said, she wants the farm to be profitable. To which we recommended that she better select one or two crops that she can grow in re ...

  • Mount Pamitinan Hike

    Mount Pamitinan Hike

    Situated in the Sierra Madre ranges in Rodriguez (formerly Montalbon), Rizal. Sitio Wawa has become an ecotourism site that offers outdoor attractions such as caves, gorge, and limestone formations. A model for ecotourism, the local community has organised a system for handling visitors, including trained local guides.

    The local guides told us some interesting stories about Pamitinan, they said that katipuneros held their meetings in that very same mountain. Andres Bonifacio once sought refuge in Pamitinan Cave in 1895 and where he proclaimed one of the first declarations of independence an ...