Kinabuan Falls

Rodriguez, Rizal

Kinabuan Falls (Sta. Ines) is next to Mount Banay and is located in Province of Rizal, Calabarzon, Philippines.

Kinabuan Falls News

  • Mt Irid Dayhike (Rizal 1,467 MASL)

    Mt Irid Dayhike (Rizal 1,467 MASL)

    Said to be the highest peak of the Sierra Madre mountain range within the province of Rizal, Mt. Irid stands proudly at 1,467 meters above sea level. Located near the tri-provincial boundaries of Rizal, Bulacan and Quezon, the area is home to the native Dumagat people, whose sitios hikers would have to pass in order to hike the mountain. Famous for its 11 river crossings and a continuous steeply ascending, thickly forested trail riddled with towering crags and sharp limestone formations from the foot of the mountain up to its summit, it is rated as a major hike with a usual 2-day itinerary, bu ...

  • Kinabuan Falls 2017

    The beautiful Kinabuan Falls 2017.

  • Kinabuan Falls Sta Ines Finally Off My List

    Kinabuan Falls Sta Ines Finally Off My List

    I have been to Sta. Ines hundreds of times. Ok maybe just a little bit below hundred. Ok ok, maybe not even in two digits. But I've been there a couple of times. But never did I ever go to that rewarding place, the most-sought after by hikers, MTBikers, and dirtbikers alike, the Kinabuan Falls. Finally, with the company of a fellow crazy friends, I was able to to do it, we all were able to reach the rewarding sight and sound and most prized possession of Sta. Ines.

    We were supposed to trek General Nakar, but decided last minute to change the destination to Tanay; it's closer and we wil ...

  • Mike And Totis Bike Trip To Kinabuan Falls

    Mike and Totis Bike Trip to Kinabuan Falls located in Rodriguez, Rizal, Philippines.

  • Rafflesia Spotted In Mt Irid

    Rafflesia Spotted In Mt Irid

    I first documented our Mt. Irid experience last August 2014 in the entry mt. irid: gateway to the mossy forest and i have photographed some of the rich biodiversity this mountain has to offer but who would have thought that deep down the forest of Mt. Irid we will find an addition to the richness of its biodiversity we found the most celebrated flower in Malaysia called Rafflesia. On our second climb to Mt. Irid the other day (March 12, 2016) an overnight hike of Lakwatserong Sulit Adventures we were so lucky that along the trail we saw this Rafflesia Manillana. (I'm not so sure if I am corre ...

  • Travel Guide Tanay Rizal

    Travel Guide Tanay Rizal

    The town of Tanay in Rizal province is one of my favorite destinations near the metro for motorcycling road trips. Its proximity to Manila, refreshing mountain scenery, cooler climate and generally uncrowded destinations makes it a good alternative to Tagaytay on any given weekend. Parts of Tanay pass through portions of the Sierra Madre mountain range, making it a great motorcycling and biking destination.

    For weekend warriors and families, Tanay has lots to offer in terms of natural attractions. The resorts and leisure camps in the area also make it a popular destination for team-building ...