Inday Nelly Mystical Cave

Antipolo City, Rizal

Inday Nelly Mystical Cave is located in Barangay San Jose, Antipolo, Rizal. The cave has a prominent religious influence. The formations seen inside the cave not only give visitors a visual pleasure for their shapes but were believed to have healing powers, as well. They depict a lot of religious figures, thus attracting a lot of pilgrims like Mt. Banahaw does.

Inday Nelly Mystical Cave News

  • Biyaheng Antipolo: Places To Visit In Antipolo

    Biyaheng Antipolo: Places To Visit In Antipolo

    The month of May marks the start of the Pilgrimage season in Antipolo. Traditionally, many devotees of the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage (Nuestra Senora Dela Paz Y Bien Viaje) from different parts of the country will visit her shrine in Antipolo to express their deep love and devotion.

  • Mystical Cave And Hill Rizal 214 MASL

    Mystical Cave And Hill Rizal 214 MASL

    As the year draws to a close and as the remaining days of 2017 are filled to the brim with activities and parties to celebrate Christmas and New Year, this would perhaps be my last hike for this year. Visiting the Mystical Cave and hiking to the cross at its hilltop has been in my to-do list for quite some time now and finally I was able to check it off. Said to have around seven levels, the cave is thought to be one of the biggest and most extensive in Rizal, although it has not been fully mapped yet. And even though the Mystical Cave is one of Antipolo City's well-known tourist attraction, i ...

  • The Mystical Cave In Antipolo

    The Mystical Cave In Antipolo

    1970 - Inday Nelly Deles was 7 years old when she woke up from a vivid dream. She had been seeing visions of a cave which quite fascinated her. She eventually left Iloilo to travel across the country in search for the cave in her dreams.

    She ended up in a sitio in one of the barangays in Antipolo where she found a small hole the size of a coin. Following her discernment, she used an explosive called gelignite to blow up the entrance of what she believed was the cave she was looking for.

    What she saw inside astounded her! Famous religious figures and biblical events appeared to have forme ...

  • Biyaheng Antipolo The Mystical Cave

    Biyaheng Antipolo The Mystical Cave

    It was passed 2pm and its getting really cloudy. It also started to drizzle and I thought we couldn't make it to our next destination but despite of the gloomy weather, we decided to proceed anyway. We went to the so-called Mystical Cave, a very intriguing and seemingly enchanting destination in Antipolo. It was actually my second time to explore a cave (the first one was the Calinawan Cave of Tanay).

    Mystical Cave is located in Puting bato and is not easily accessible via public transport. We actually went there with our van but the way going to Mystical Cave is merely deserted. You can s ...

  • Biyaheng Antipolo

    Biyaheng Antipolo

    I have been to Antipolo a number of times already but my only purpose there is to visit the Antipolo Cathedral as part of our Pilgrimage tour. My churchmates and I went to Antipolo two years ago as part of our "Awareness month". We were able to explore two notable churches in the province including the Antipolo Cathedral (Check : Visiting Antipolo Cathedral) and the Transfiguration of Christ Parish.

    With so many religious places to visit, Antipolo is being dubbed as the Pilgrimage Capital of the Philippines but little did I know, Antipolo has many other places to offer. That's also the reas ...

  • Antipolo Mystical Cave

    Antipolo Mystical Cave

    Antipolo is situated on mountains of Rizal, well known for its spectacular view of Manila, Pasig, Marikina, and Quezon city. Little have known about its hidden wonders. This Mystical Cave at Puting Bato was known to few locals and tourists but never disappoints to astound anyone who pays the visit.

    In the late 90's Nanay Nelly dreamt of a strange place with different images of Jesus Christ and his past. Then she discovered all of those dreams are all connected to this cave.

    This place is a sure destination for adventure seekers. This place is also one of well-known destination during len ...