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  • Why Pinto Art Museum Is Manilas Best Kept Secret

    Why Pinto Art Museum Is Manilas Best Kept Secret

    Make your way up a windy road lined with makeshift market shops, take a sharp turn into a village and then head down a sharp hill towards a rickety wooden door.

    Open that door and step away from the cacophony of tricycle and jeepney horns, throngs of people and dusty roads of Manila, and enter a world where art fuses with nature, with the mountain breeze providing natural air-conditioning and see the art work changes with the light from the sun.

  • The Mystical Cave In Antipolo

    The Mystical Cave In Antipolo

    1970 - Inday Nelly Deles was 7 years old when she woke up from a vivid dream. She had been seeing visions of a cave which quite fascinated her. She eventually left Iloilo to travel across the country in search for the cave in her dreams.

    She ended up in a sitio in one of the barangays in Antipolo where she found a small hole the size of a coin. Following her discernment, she used an explosive called gelignite to blow up the entrance of what she believed was the cave she was looking for.

    What she saw inside astounded her! Famous religious figures and biblical events appeared to have forme ...

  • Pinto Art Museum Art In Antipolo

    Pinto Art Museum Art In Antipolo

    Since I was a child, I've been hearing the song/expression "Tayo na sa Antipolo" and because of that, the name of the town Antipolo has been etched to my memory and something I must visit to and finally, I did.

    There are plenty of attractions in Antipolo such as good food, resorts and this time, art museum. We managed to check out some of it for our first quick travel for 2017 but for this post, I'll be focusing more about our main destination which is Pinto Art Museum. Pinto Art Museum is located a bit outside the heart of Antipolo inside a subdivision. It is a popular destination in Antip ...

  • Capturing The Hinulugang Taktak Falls In Antipolo City Rizal

    Capturing The Hinulugang Taktak Falls In Antipolo City Rizal

    We were visiting one of our friends who's living in Antipolo, a city in the province of Rizal when our group decided to go on a quick stop at Hinulugang Taktak Falls.

    Hinulugang Taktak Falls has a height of 21.5 meters from the water surface and width of 25.8 meters. It played a very significant role in the landscape of Rizal province while giving distinction to the historical and cultural heritage of Antipolo. According to the word of mouth of Antipolenos, in 16th century the local people forced a priest to drop a church bell into the river due to its unpleasant sound when rung during Ange ...

  • Pinto Art Museum The Art And Earth Haven

    Pinto Art Museum The Art And Earth Haven

    Just an hour or two away from Manila, indulge yourself into the world of artistry and nature.

    Situated at the Grand Heights Subdivision, San Roque, Antipolo City, the Pinto Art Museum is a haven of arts and crafts by several brilliant artists. The Greek-inspire landscape of the place will give its visitors a sense of awe and wonder for its four distinct characteristics: the various art and creative expressions, the scenic landscapes and the Grecian exterior, the hallway and stairs-filled interior, and the scrumptious food.


    My friend and I travelled to this place from ...

  • A Visit To Pinto Art Museum

    A Visit To Pinto Art Museum

    There are times that you are just lazy to go somewhere or do something outside. We just want to stay in our bed and sleep all day. Most of us end up contemplating our lives wondering if all these years, am I doing the right thing? Am I going the right path? Then you realize, it's not the right time to question your decisions in life. Instead, you go out and continue living your life the way you want it to be. So, I thought of doing something that is light but fun and inspiring and invited my friends to visit Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo City.


    This establishment is an art ...