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  • Their Playgrounds Are Better Than Mine

    Their Playgrounds Are Better Than Mine

    Our core is created in childhood. Our foundation is a careful curation of events when we were young, of things and memories and places and sounds. As we go through life, the core expands. Layers pile on as our experiences accumulate. Still, in times of distress, we peel away the layers and look to the very center for a response. We are guided by whatever's in there. Is there fire to consume? Are there embers to warm?

  • She Travels Angono Rizals Nemiranda Art House

    Angono Rizal: The Art Capital of the Philippines.

  • The Angono Higantes Festival 2016

    The Feast of San Clemente known as Higantes Festival celebrated in the town of Angono, Rizal last November 23.

  • Giants Still Exist In The Arts Capital Of The Philippines

    Giants Still Exist In The Arts Capital Of The Philippines

    Are up for the Festival of Giants happening this week?

    Every 23 of November of the year, the town of Angono celebrates the "Higantes Festival" in honor of their patron saint, St. Clementin.

    This celebration includes a fluvial parade, art exhibit, concerts, cosplay competitions, and art-related contests.

    During this time of the year, humongous effegies of up to 12 feet in height roam around the streets of Angono.

    From earlier days, these giants were made of paper mache but at present day, townspeople uses fiber glass. Talk about going to the next level.

    If you're up for something ...

  • Getting Wet During Higantes Festival

    Getting Wet During Higantes Festival

    Higantes Festival is an annual festivities held every November 23 in Angono, Rizal; its main purpose is to honor San Clemente, patron saint of the fishermen. His image is carried by male devotees during the procession, followed by the street dancers and participants. Higantes (Giants in English) is made up of paper mosaic handcrafted by the artistic minds of the people of Angono.

    The event started from St. Clement Church in Angono, Rizal passing on several roads. While waiting at the gate of the church, I noticed that the cameras of many photographers were covered with transparent plastic. ...

  • The Giants Of Rizal Angonos Higantes Festival

    The Giants Of Rizal Angonos Higantes Festival

    Angono, Rizal is primarily known for two things: one, it's the country's art capital. The home of many a National Artist, people from Angono are known for being in tune with their artistic side, especially in the visual arts.

    The other thing they're known for: the Higantes Festival, which takes place every November.

    The Higantes Festival is done in celebration of San Clemente, and is held every November 22 and 23. First done by the people of Angono as a form of protest, these paper-mache giants now play the part of one of the most unique festivals in the country.

    Preparations for the ...