Maddela Falls

Maddela, Quirino

Maddela Water Falls is located in Brgy. Dumabato Sur a seven-staged waterfall with crystal clear water and pool basins where you can have a dip. The area is ideal for people looking for a place for picnics and relaxation. The surroundings are cool and shady because of the vibrant forest, which you can also explore. It is a good nature retreat and you can trek along the forest path while admiring t ...

he tranquility of the environment.

Maddela Falls News

  • Discover The Undiscovered at Quirino Province

    Discover The Undiscovered at Quirino Province

    What comes out of your mind when you hear someone says "Quirino"? Some would ask "Is Quirino and Quezon Province the same?" Some would say "Ito yung lugar na laging binabagyo." Some would even ask "Are you referring to the Quirino Grandstand?" And perhaps the least wanted response, but we do hear is - "Quirino? Where is that?"

    For some travelers, Quirino is at the bottom of their "List of Places to Visit". Maybe the reason is its very limited presence everywhere - online, prints, news on TV and on the radio. I must admit, before this adventure, I would say "There is nothing to see and exper ...

  • Quirino Province Tourism Music Video

    A 3-minute music video outlining the landscape, events, people, culture and arts of the Province of Quirino, Philippines.

  • The Town of Maddela

    The Town of Maddela

    The town of Maddela is located in the province of Quirino. It is dubbed as the "Commercial Growth Center of Quirino". It is covered by forests and has an extensive rolling terrain due to the Sierra Madre Mountain Range. The flat terrains are usually found along the Cagayan River. The northern and southern parts are gently sloping to rolling due to the Mamparang Mountain Range.

    The town is endowed with numerous wonders that attract visitors. It has beautiful natural and man-made scenic spots. Although the land area of the town is mostly forestland, there are a lot of potential and undevelope ...

  • Refreshing Dip at Maddela Waterfalls

    Refreshing Dip at Maddela Waterfalls

    Quirino is one province unknown to be a tourist destination. Maybe because its out of the way, somehow isolated and far. This reason made me curious to the point of really wanting to explore it myself. So I really made sure that I will be visiting Quirino during my ISANG DAAN Journey.

    Success! I added another province on my list of visited provinces. I even made some connections with the locals of Maddela and found out that I have an uncle (mom's cousin) in Diffun.

    How to Get there

    Coming from Lamut, Ifugao, I rode a jeepney to Bagabag Junction (Nueva Viscaya) for 20 minutes and then ...