Villa Escudero Museum

Tiaong, Quezon

Villa Escudero Museum is located in Tiaong, Quezon. The museum's must-see exhibits include an original pure silver altar from Binondo church, a collection of national costumes worn by Philippine Presidents and First Ladies, and a P20-million Ifugao betel nut bag.

Villa Escudero Museum News

  • Guest Post Soul Detox In Villa Escudero

    Guest Post Soul Detox In Villa Escudero

    If theres one thing you should know about being a parent its that on some days you can keep going about how parenthood changes you to the best version of yourself and sharing it non-stop on social media. Meanwhile, on other days, youll find yourself locked in the bathroom probably crying or rethinking about everything youve done.

  • Discovering A Trove Of Cultural And Historical Relics At Villa Escudero

    Discovering A Trove Of Cultural And Historical Relics At Villa Escudero

    Theres only one country I havent been to. Nepal. I dont know why I just havent had the chance"- Don Ado told us after he overheard me asking my friend Karla 'Can you guess how many countries he had traveled to". It wasnt a question concocted out of the blue. I wondered about it after surveying through the massive art, historic, religious and souvenir collection housed inside Don Ados private mansion.

  • Villa Escudero Plantation Life Revisited

    Villa Escudero Plantation Life Revisited

    The first and only time that I visited Villa Escudero was in 1982?35 years ago! for the 18th birthday of a friend, who eschewed the regular dance party for a two-night stay at the resort with a dozen of her close friends.

    It was, to say the least, magical. We slept in cool, native-style cottages, and had our fill of Filipino food in the famous waterfall dining area, where you sat and ate while in ankle-deep water.

    Most memorable was the experience of paddling out on bamboo rafts to the middle of the Labasin River, with its clean running water from the springs of Mount Banahaw, and just j ...

  • Villa Escudero Plantations Resort In Tiaong Quezon

    Villa Escudero Plantations Resort In Tiaong Quezon

    Villa Escudero is one of the oldest and most famous resorts in the Philippines. This coconut plantation and resort in Tiaong, Quezon has been around for decades, having opened to the public in the 1980s. Its a top tourist destination for foreigners and balikbayans who want to experience traditional Filipino culture and heritage. Ive always been curious about the place because of its famous restaurant by the waterfalls, but I never got around to checking it out during previous road trips to and from Bicol because of time constraints.

  • Villa Escudero Day Tour

    Villa Escudero Day Tour

    Hacienda Villa Escudero showcases the rich colonial culture of the Philippines way back 16th century. A living proof of Philippine history still seen at the present.

    The Hacienda Villa was founded in 1872 by Don Escudero. It's composed of 800 hectares of land within the boundary of San Pablo Laguna and Tiaong Quezon. It was a vast land of sugarcane converted to a coconut plantation in the early 1900's by Don Arsenio, the sole heir of Escudero. The first hydroelectric plant in the country was also built in 1929.

    Thereafter, some parts of the hacienda was then converted to a self sustained ...

  • 10 Interesting Finds At The Escudero Private Museum In Quezon

    10 Interesting Finds At The Escudero Private Museum In Quezon

    The Escudero Private Museum located at the 900-hectare Villa Escudero Resort and Plantations in Tiaong, Quezon, is home to a valuable collection of Philippine historical memorabilia, from antique Ifugao tribal accessories to a display of the national costumes worn by past Philippine Presidents and First Ladies to Sung dynasty artifacts. Started by the late Don Arsenio Escudero and his wife Dona Rosario and continued on by their son, Villa Escudero Resort president Conrado "Ado" Escudero, the Escudero Private Museum is one not to be missed.

    10 of the museum exhibits not to be missed:

    #1 P ...