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  • 5 Things to do in Real Quezon

    5 Things to do in Real Quezon

    For those in the regular workforce, vacations can be tricky. Not everyone has the luxury of time to do long-term backpacking or visit exotic locales every month. But everyone needs a beach and adventure fix once in a while. Located just 3-4 hours away from Manila, Real in Quezon Offers such a quik weekend gateway.

    This laid-back town located on the eastern shores of Luzon facing the Philippine sea is known for its rural beach resorts. Despite its proximity to Manila, the place offers budget-friendly activities and remains generally uncrowded. Here's a quick rundown of some fun stuff you can ...

  • Revisiting Infanta To Behold Balagbag and Nonok Falls In Real

    Revisiting Infanta To Behold Balagbag and Nonok Falls In Real

    Back when parents of my grade school classmates would take their kids to karate lessons, my mom would tag me along with her to summer vacations in her hometown of Infanta. The first class municipality used to be a grueling 9-hour bus ride from Metro Manila and the scenery was more like the Amazon jungle right off a treasure hunt Hollywood movie. Aboard a non-air conditioned ride where giant leaves of exotic plants would slap my face from the bus window, I would listen to her tell stories of how Infanta was once hit by a tsunami in the early years of the Spanish colonization of the Philippines. ...

  • Lalaguna marsh 2014

    Lalaguna marsh 2014

    Lalaguna Marsh is near the southernmost tip of Lamon Bay in Quezon Province. It is an inland freshwater marsh with dense reed beds and an abundant growth of other aquatic vegetation. The maximum depth of the water is 3 m. During the dry season (February-April), the water level recedes and about one third of the marsh dries out.

    Some boat navigation is possible in cleared areas. The marsh provides an important source of fish for local inhabitants, and supports a small reed cutting industry for basket making and mat weaving. There are coconut plantations, rice paddies and residential areas a ...