Sta Lucia Falls

Dolores, Quezon

Sta. Lucia Falls are located in Dolores, Quezon. Before going directly to the falls, an adventurous tourist can detour to a winding footpath leading to "Ina ng Awa" a place of religious worship where many members of religious sects pray for guidance from the Virgin Mary.

267 steps going down to Sta. Lucia falls, one can hear the murmur of the cascading water as it quietly settles i ...

nto a tranquil basin, truly nature at its best.

Sta Lucia Falls News

  • Sta Lucia Falls Dolores Quezon

    My trip to Dolores Quezon was really amazing. They say that the place is Holy and I think it was God who really made it possible for me to visit this place.

    I can't say much adventure nor beauty of this place because we only went to one place and only experience one adventure. Dolores, Quezon is said to be a Holy place whenever it's Holy week in the Philippines. According to a friend of mine, a lot of people are visiting this place during Holy week even if this is a very hot month (summer).

    To begin my not so adventurous journey to this place, I was invited by my partner to join their ...

  • Path of Rituals in Mount Banahaw

    Path of Rituals in Mount Banahaw

    The Filipino Mystical Culture as we know today traces its roots to Mt. Banahaw. The revered mountain spans the borders of Laguna and Quezon attracting thousands of devotees every year during the Holy Week. It is during this time that they camp at the base of the mountain, perform their rituals to recharge their spirituality, test their skills and to mingle with other mystics. Contrary to popular belief, Filipino Mystics have social lives too.

    Some come to Mt. Banahaw to renew their energies, while some come to train. The traditional way of learning Philippine Mysticism is undergoing the rig ...

  • A Visit to the Mystical Ina ng Awa and Sta Lucia Falls

    A Visit to the Mystical Ina ng Awa and Sta Lucia Falls

    The province of Quezon is a place known not only for its natural beauty and wonders, it also lays claim to sites that have long been shrouded in tales of the mystical and the supernatural. At the foot of Mt. Banahaw, itself a subject of mysteries, the Ina ng Awa and Sta, Lucia falls will definitely try to convice you that these are indeed places of awe and wonder.

    Ina ng Awa

    Ina ng Awa is near Kinabuhayan, at the foot of Mt. Banahaw, and is also believed to be mystical. The mystical caves are located in this area. Many small caves and rock shelters were given Biblical names and some a ...

  • Discovering my inner goddess on the sacred trails of Mt Banahaw

    Discovering my inner goddess on the sacred trails of Mt Banahaw

    No, I didn't climb Mount Banahaw last weekend. I painfully crawled Mt. Banahaw on all fours??"over gigantic boulders, and picturesque, pristine clear streams with gazillion little pebbles that are so painful to walk on??"all throughout the two-hour rain that drenched our little group on its way to and from the sacred falls at the foot of this mountain in southern Luzon.

    Mount Banahaw which stands over 7,000-feet-high in Laguna and Quezon provinces was reputedly a volcano sometime ago until its last eruption in the early 1700s. A favorite of hikers and mountain climbers, Mount Banahaw also ...

  • Mt Banahaw Between Kinabuhayan and Sta Lucia a secret Falls

    Deepest water between Kinabuhayan & Sta. Lucia Dolores Quezon.