Sierra Madre Mountains


The Sierra Madre is a mountain range in the Philippines. It is located along the north-eastern coast of Luzon Island, running north/south. Quezon National Forest Park is situated in the range.]]

The Sierra Madre mountain range forest habitat is threatened by human activities. Settlers living at the lower portions of the slopes generally are supported by work in logging and charcoal- ...

making. Some portions of the forest cover are already second growth forest.

The Sierra Madre is the longest mountain range in the Philippines. The range starts in the north in the province of Cagayan and ends in the south in the province of Quezon, just east of Laguna de Bay. To the west as it reaches the province of Nueva Vizcaya to form the Caraballo Mountains, with which it connects with the Cordillera Central range.

Sierra Madre Mountain Range News

  • Heeding The Call Of The East Where Nature And Progress Grow Side By Side

    Heeding The Call Of The East Where Nature And Progress Grow Side By Side

    Get dressed with your best, and all of you, join us. Why? Where are we going? To Antipolo, where its always fun, the first lines of the Filipino folksong, Hinulugang Taktak, best captures the ideal of the accessible mountain city just outside the bustling metropolis. A greenback haven where the towering skyline views merge seamlessly with the stunning emerald sweep of the Sierra Madre mountains. At nights, it is swathed with the stars of the twinkling lights of modern development, marrying with the calming hymns of crickets and cicadas. With the daylight, the glorious splendor of its restful e ...

  • DENR Stakeholders Push For Increased Monitoring Efforts In Sierra Madre

    The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and various stakeholders of the country's longest mountain range have agreed on the need to increase monitoring efforts to prevent deforestation and further degradation of its natural forests.

    During the Sierra Madre stakeholders' summit held in Quezon City from July 26 to 27, the participants came up with a number of recommendations on how to protect the mountain range, which has long been threatened by human activities, such as illegal logging.

    The Sierra Madre forests are home to a variety of wildlife species, many of which ar ...

  • Philippine Eagle Conservation

    The Philippine Raptors Conservation Program (PRCP) was started in 1990 by the Department of Environment & Natural Resources (DENR)-Protected Areas & Wildlife Bureau (PAWB) to help conserve our wildlife particularly the Philippine Eagle, and other raptors. Known Philippine eagle habitats covers the following Regions: 1, 2-CAR, 3, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13-CARAGA where its flagship program, the magnificent Philippine eagle reigns supreme. Other raptors, the likes of which include Brahminy kites, Crested serpent eagles, Philippine hawk eagles, Scops owls, Grass owls, etc., although were not class ...

  • Sierra Madre Protection Assured Over Road Project

    With the ongoing construction of the close to P2 billion worth Ilagan-Divilacan road project, the provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (ENRO) assured the protection of the thickly forested Sierra Madre mountain ranges.

    Forester Geronimo Cabaccan Jr., Isabela ENRO officer, said the policy and laws on the preservation of the protected areas are strictly implemented.

    "We will put up safeguards against illegal activities to ensure that the Sierra Madre will be protected while the road is being built," Cabaccan said.

    He said the 82-kilometer Ilagan-Divilican road, which pass ...

  • Wanted Social Entrepreneurs Committed To Save PH Forests

    Wanted Social Entrepreneurs Committed To Save PH Forests

    Calling all Filipino social entrepreneurs, especially those whose business' thrust is environmental protection and preservation: The Forest Foundation of the Philippines (FFP) needs you as a partner in saving one of the country's most prized natural resources, as well as helping promote sustainable economic growth.

    In a recent briefing, FFP (formerly known as the Philippine Tropical Forest Conservation Foundation), unveiled its five-year plan, starting with a "pitch fest" on July 22 dubbed "Forest Fest PH."

    The event gives entrepreneurs??"both young and established??"who have a passion f ...

  • DA To Plant Trees In 1 Million Hectares Of Critical Watersheds

    The Department of Agriculture (DA) said it is planning to plant trees over a million hectares across identified critical watersheds across the country in the next five years to sustain agricultural productivity nationwide.

    "We would like to get involved with agroforestry because we feel threatened by the continued depredation in watershed areas. You have to understand agriculture depends on water. Without water, there will be no agriculture," Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel F. Piñol told reporters in an interview on May 29. "We are afraid there will come a time when our agricultural product ...