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  • Protect Nesting Sites Of Sea Turtles Group Urges Execs

    Protect Nesting Sites Of Sea Turtles Group Urges Execs

    Environmentalists have asked officials in Sariaya town in Quezon province to declare areas in the municipality as "protected nesting sites" for endangered sea turtles which lay eggs on their shoreline along the Tayabas Bay every year.

    "We're more than willing to formally adopt all suggested programs and courses of action to help protect our natural environment, particularly the annual exodus of sea turtles to our shores," Sariaya Vice Mayor Alex Tolentino said in a recent interview.

    Once declared a protected site, the place will be protected against sand quarrying, mangrove and beach for ...

  • Whale Keeps Returning To Shore Is Stranded

    Whale Keeps Returning To Shore Is Stranded

    Fishermen here found a 100-kilogram pygmy sperm whale (Kogia breviceps) stranded on the coast along Tayabas Bay in Sariaya town in Quezon province early Saturday, local fishery officials said.

    Raffy Gosas, team leader of Sariaya Fishery Law Enforcement Task Force (FLETF), said the whale, which measures seven feet long, was discovered in shallow waters near the Villa Del Prado resort in Barangay Bignay 1 at 5:30 a.m.

    The FLETF rescue team treated bruises on the whale's body, fins and tail.

    "We believe that the whale got entangled with a fishing net and escaped. That explains the bruise ...

  • Hope Also Grows In Mangrove Project

    Hope Also Grows In Mangrove Project

    Two years after the planting of two million mangrove propagules in Quezon province, signs of a promising future to fishermen and coastal residents are now showing.

    "Our fishermen, particularly the marginalized, are excited when marine lives start to appear at the mangrove sites," Manny Calayag, deputy head of the Quezon-Environment and Natural Resources Office (Quezon-Enro), said in an interview.

    Mangrove forests, also known as the "rainforests of the sea," are an important part of the marine ecosystem as the roots of the trees provide shelter for marine life while their fallen leaves be ...

  • 2 Dolphins Plucked From Quezon Seas

    Two injured dolphins were rescued and returned to the sea by fishers along the coast of Quezon province on Wednesday and Monday, a lawyer from an environmentalist group and a provincial official said.

    Lawyer Sheila de Leon, head of Tanggol Kalikasan-Southern Tagalog, said, a 1½-meter female dolphin got entangled in the fishing net of a local fisherman in Bantigue village in Pagbilao town facing Tayabas Bay early Wednesday.

    "The dolphin had no serious injuries, only minor bruises," De Leon said.

    She said fisherman Daniel Ruicol brought the dolphin to the shoreline of Sunshine Beach Re ...

  • Butanding Back In Quezon Waters After 20 Yrs

    Whale sharks, the world's largest fish and one of the country's top tourist drawers, are back in the waters of Quezon province after more than 20 years.

    Mayors of coastal municipalities, particularly in the Lamon Bay area in the fourth district, reported the presence of whale sharks (Rhincodon typus), locally known as "butanding," while attending the Provincial Peace and Order Council meeting here recently.

    Volunteers of Bantay Dagat (sea patrol) in Lucena City and other southern towns as far as the Bondoc Peninsula also reported sightings of the whale sharks in Tayabas Bay.

    The Inter ...

  • Quezon Goes Artificial In Fight To Keep Corals

    Quezon Goes Artificial In Fight To Keep Corals

    The provincial government, coastal town officials and local fishers have been dropping man-made artificial coral reefs into the seas of Quezon to address the depletion of fish in the province.

    Roberto Gajo, provincial agriculturist, said proponents of the artificial reef project had been encouraged by an increase in daily catch by fishermen in towns where artificial reefs had been put in place earlier.

    The project, called Adopt-A-Reef, was conceptualized by Governor David Suarez and started in 2011.

    Gajo, in a phone interview on Wednesday after the launching of the project in Catanau ...