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  • Quezon Provinces Alibijaban Explore A White Sand Virgin Island

    Quezon Provinces Alibijaban Explore A White Sand Virgin Island

    Alibijaban Island is a virgin paradise located at the most southern tip of Quezon and is in the municipality of San Andres. From Manila, you will need to suffer a nine to ten hour bus ride or six to seven hours of driving if you have your own car. I went by bus and the journey was very uncomfortable and butt-numbing, and to make matters worse the bus was not even air-conditioned. It kept stopping to collect new passengers even though the bus was already full ( 4 or 5 times) and I wake too be with a bunch of inconsiderate passengers who kept on chatting even when they knew the vast majority of ...

  • Alibijaban Island In Quezon

    Alibijaban Island is located in Quezon.

  • Alibijaban Island Home Of Mangroves And White Sands

    Alibijaban ??" a name that's synonymous with a budget-friendly, quiet getaway in the province of Quezon. This little island first interested me a year ago and it's not a popular tourist destination yet. I have long wanted to go here and luckily it did happen. I've been reading a lot of good things about Alibijaban island and now has become a destination of adventurers and budget travelers. Those who are seeking some white pristine beach to escape the stress and traffic of the city.

    This foreign-sounding island is mainly known for the numerous mangroves lining up the shore of its beach locat ...

  • Alibijaban Island Travel Guide 2016

    Alibijaban Island Travel Guide 2016

    San Andres, Quezon Province
    Alibijaban Island

    Boat Rental from San Andres Port to Alibijaban Island ??" 1200-1500php 8-10 pax,
    Recommended Boatman : Kuya Randy's contact details : +63 946 737 2555 | +63 906 435 7722 | +63 910 762 9271.
    Cottage ??" 500php Overnight rate ??" Good for 10-15pax
    Recommended: Ate Nene | Contact number: 0910-762-9269

    Direct Trip from Manila: Barney Auto Lines (3:00PM & 8:30PM) and Superlines Transport have daily direct trip from Cubao to San Andres. Remember that Barney Auto Lines are all ordinary buses while Superlines does have airconditioned ones. The fa ...

  • Travels Alibijaban Island in Quezon

    Travels Alibijaban Island in Quezon

    Who wouldn't travel far for this perfect moment?

    Last weekend, my friends and I explored Alibijaban Island, located in San Andres, Quezon. We have been eyeing that small island near the Bondoc Peninsula. We estimated at least 8 hours land travel plus 30 minutes boat ride to the island, which is a protected area for biodiversity conservation and considered a key biodiversity area.

    We came from Sta. Elena, where we conducted a recon for our outreach group, Trails to Empower Kids. We left Sta. Elena late afternoon and we decided to take the Buenavista - San Narciso - San Andres Road. It ...

  • San Andres Quezon Where The Heck Is Alibijaban Island

    San Andres Quezon Where The Heck Is Alibijaban Island

    Alibijaban. Say that again ??" A-li-bi-ha-ban. Pronouncing its tongue-twisting name is a struggle as going to this remote island. It involves an 8-hour land journey to the far reaches of Bondoc Peninsula in a town called San Andres, which is surprisingly within Quezon Province despite the long hours on the road. Dirt roads, zigzag roads, roads in the middle of nowhere ??" it seems endless. But if the off-beaten track to lesser-known beach destinations is what you seek, Alibijaban Island will not disappoint.

    To yield to Alibijaban's peculiar charm is not difficult. The island is a small fish ...