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  • Waking Up Early In The Philippines To Travel Is Always A Good Idea

    I woke up early and randomly decided to ride a bus out of Manila in search of a spontaneous adventure! Turns out the bus I rode took 3.5 hours outside of the city to the Province of Quezon!

    The rainy weather added to the raw beauty of the coast, and I found myself exploring some local waterfalls...


    This video reminds me that waking up early to travel in the Philippines is always a good idea... You never know just how beautiful your day can be! Especially if you need a break from Manila!

    Super Apir!


  • Two-tiered Waterfall Of Balagbag

    Two-tiered Waterfall Of Balagbag

    Located in Brgy. Tignoan, Real, Quezon, this two-tiered waterfall is a favorite destination for locals and non-locals alike owing to its proximity from the main highway. The first layer, accessible through a trail on the left side, is a 25 meter high cascade that ends in a very shallow catch basin. While the second layer is made up of a twin cascade that falls down into a deep natural pool ideal for cliff jumping.

    How To Get There:
    ‚óŹ Take a Raymond Bus Line bound for Infanta, Quezon located in Legarda St. Sampaloc, Manila. This will pass through Rizal and Laguna. (Travel time is atl ...

  • Hidden Gem In Real Quezon What Lead To Me To This Amazing Discovery

    Hidden Gem In Real Quezon What Lead To Me To This Amazing Discovery

    No waves, no problem!

    Real, Quezon is known for surfing in the Philippines. Since it is the nearest surf spot from Manila (about 3 to 4 hours), it can be another option for surfers to catch waves instead of hieing off to famous La Union or Baler.

    Travelled to Real to chase waves but there were none. We were all crestfallen and facing a huge dilemma. Oh no! What are we to do in Real?

    My friends and I spotted this vacant lot while driving around the main road of the municipality. To our surprise, it's the jump off point of the Balagbag Waterfalls which is a 10-minute trek from the main ...

  • The 6th Waterfalls-Balagbag Falls

    The 6th Waterfalls-Balagbag Falls

    Location : Real, Quezon
    How to get there: (by car - pick up)
    Note : On this post, I am indicating the road condition to guide travelers with cars on the accessibility of the falls
    Date: April 06, 2014

    The starting point to the falls is the 7-eleven store located in the crossing of Siniloan and Famy. You need to drive 33 kilometers before you reach the Real-Infanta Bridge where you will turn right to Real Mauban road. Continue driving for around 3.5 km to reach the bridge which is the jump off point of the 10 minute trek to reach the falls. The road are all cemented.

  • Adventures In Real Quezon

    Adventures In Real Quezon

    And unceasing handful of adventures await tourists who flock the the small town in Quezon facing the Pacific Ocean.

    It is approximately 133 kilometers from Lucena City, 136 kilometers from Manila and 42 kilometers away from Famy. Laguna. Infanta, Quezon is 148 kilometers away from Manila.

    It has 17 barangays and the second largest in total land area in Quezon.

    Real is also the gateway (port) to Jomalig Island (5-6 hours), Cagbalete island (4 hours) and Polillo Island (2-3 hours).

    How to Get There

    There are 3 options.

    Option 1 (Antipolo Route)

    Ride either the van or Raymond ...

  • Infanta Quezon Trip

    Infanta Quezon Trip

    Actually, narealize ko lang yan 2 years ago nung nakilala ko ang travel buddy ko (my boyfriend). One of the best place na napuntahan namin ay sa Infanta, Quezon. I've been there a lot of times nung bata pa ako dahil may relatives kaming nakatira dun.

    Medyo malayo siya kung first time mo pero nakaka excite pag nakita mu na ang sign na "Mabuhay Ka Infanta" dahil simula na yon ng sight seeing mo sa magagandang Beaches ng Infanta.

    Hindi lang sa mga beaches ka mag eenjoy pati na rin sa magagandang tanawin na makikita mo. Mga hulma ng bundok na may magagandang halaman, mga bangin na kahit naka ...