Polillo Island Sanctuary

Polillo, Quezon

Polillo Island Protected Landscape and Seascape is an island in the north-eastern region of the Philippine archipelago. It is separated from Luzon Island by the Polillo Strait and forms the northern side of Lamon Bay. Polilo Island is also home to the Polillo Island Marine Reserve and the Polillo Watershed Forest Reserve.

The island itself is subdivided across three municipalities. ...

The municipality of Polillo takes up the southern part of the island. The north-eastern part of the island is administered by the municipality of Burdeos, while the north-west is within the jurisdiction of the municipality of Panukulan. The island is also home to the Butaan lizard, a vulnerable relative of the Komodo Dragon.

Polillo Island Protected Landscape and Seascape News

  • NEDA Sees World-class Beaches As Next Big Thing For Quezon Tourism

    The National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) sees great promise in the Polillio Group of Islands of this province as a future world-class tourism attraction, given the proper development.

    The NEDA in Region 4A cited that the towns of Polillo, Panukulan, Burdeus Patnanungan and Jomalig ? referred to as POGI (meaning good looking) for the Polillio Group of Islands ? deserves a tourism master plan that would include road networking, sea ports, potable water source and supply, electricity, better implementation of solid waste management, among others.

    As it is, there are already es ...

  • Ride N Roll Polillo Exploration Ride

    A video documentation of Polillo Island Exploration Ride (lower half coastal route)Oct 30 - Nov 1, 2016.

    Day 1 - Qc to Real, Quezon ride VIA Siniloan - Infanta road and camp overnight in Real
    Day 2 - Polillo Island Exploration and camp for overnight in the island
    Day 3 - ride from Polillo Island to Infanta, Quezon and Bus ride back to Manila

    Thanks to everyone who helped and gave me tips to make this ride possible. Shout outs to Bikepacking Philippines pips:
    -sir Byron Villegas
    -sir Allan Bantucan (he can organise a bike tour in the island, you can contact him at Bikepacking Philipp ...

  • Drone Footage Of Polillo Island In Quezon

    Drone Footage of the beautiful Polillo Island located in the municipality of Polillo, Quezon.

  • Burdeos And Its Magnificent Islands An Ultimate Travel Guide

    Burdeos And Its Magnificent Islands An Ultimate Travel Guide

    Burdeos is a real wonder, a blessed undiscovered paradise and a must-visit off the beaten path destination. Aside from its rich aquatic and natural resources, it has numerous pristine islands, untouched beaches, unexplored caves, captivating falls and exquisite sites making it an all in one destination for those who are nature-lovers, adventurers and travelers who want to experience an extraordinary island get-away with a twist of extreme adventures and surprising explorations.

    Geographical Location

    Burdeos Quezon is one of the municipalities in the infamous Polillo Group of Islands in t ...

  • A Plea To Go Easy On Lapu-Lapu

    A Plea To Go Easy On Lapu-Lapu

    Visit a local Chinese restaurant and you will most likely see an aquarium filled with live lapu-lapu, waiting for a diner's beckoning. Popular for its mild sweet flavor, lapu-lapu??"whether steamed, fried or sautéed??"is a staple in these restaurants' menus.

    Unfortunately, this fish and its family is slowly diminishing.

    In a recently published study by Haribon Foundation and Newcastle University UK under the Darwin Initiative Project 19-020, "Responding to Fish Extirpations in the Global Marine Epicenter of Shorefish Diversity", the Giant Grouper (Epinephelus lanceolatus) locally known ...

  • My Visit To Polillo Island

    Had the chance to visit Polillo Island for several days. Unfortunately, didn't able to bring all the fishing gears i have. I forgot my LURES, turn out I had to use "Umang" and "Sea Worm" as bait, too bad I got few small fish that we just release it afterwards (videos on that caught were sucks that I did not make video about it), well fortunately we have some clips on our adventure. So this is it, tho it not about my fishing but still its part of my adventure ^^

    (Video is a bit shaky, kinda amateur on using my SJ4000. I need a lot of practice)