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  • Getting To Know Quezon Province Cagbalete Island

    Getting To Know Quezon Province Cagbalete Island

    When it comes to beaches that are near in Manila, Batangas is on top of our mind. But there is another province that is also near in Manila that is home to beautiful beaches. The province of Quezon has these amazing beaches that are quite comparable to the beaches in the Visayas. One of them is Cagbalete Island in the town of Mauban.

    How to get there

    By public transportation, and coming from Manila, ride a bus bound for Lucena City in Quezon. Jac Liner, Jam Transit, Lucena Liner, and Ceres Transport are several bus lines that have the Lucena route. Terminals are in Buendia, Kamias and Cu ...

  • A Babblers Nest

    A Babblers Nest

    I woke up before dawn to the sound of birds calling: a Common Koel and a Philippine Scops Owl. Jops and I were in a beautiful cottage in Villa Escudero, staying after a guided birdwatching trip from the day before. Even if we wanted to stay longer and discover the other birds of the Villa (including the Koel!), we had already made plans for a trip to Bangkong Kahoy Valley Nature Retreat and Field Study Center in nearby Dolores, Quezon. We met up with Carmela and Jun and drove towards the valley.

    Nestled in between Mt. Cristobal and Mt. Banahaw, the BK Valley is a breathtaking sight of green ...

  • 2011 Candle Festival The True Meaning Of It

    2011 Candle Festival The True Meaning Of It

    The celebration was concluded with a procession through the streets of the town featuring the street dancing by the youth of the community in honor of the Blessed Virgin. A house decoration representing each of the 25 barangays was also, featured during the festivities. The theme for this year of the candle festival was "Maria Ating Ina: Taglaw at Pag- asa".

    A priest, started his devotion to Nuestra Senora de Candelaria and honored her with a Candle Festival every February 2.The true meaning of this celebration is to give thank to a Virgin Mary who give birth to the savior and her son Jesu ...